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Taiwanese Student Participates in an Internship Program in Korea

The Education Division personnel with RH Korea CEO Mr. Yang, and Ms. Zhu, all holding books published by RH Korea

The Education Division of the Taipei Mission in Korea has an annual internship program for Taiwanese students. It provides them with opportunities to do an internship with a company in Korea to gain working experience and develop their career trajectory. RH Korea, a publishing company in Korea that mainly publishes local and foreign books, is one of the local companies that has been providing an internship program every summer and winter. 

Ms. Zhu was selected by the Education Division to participate in the internship program at RH Korea for two months this winter. The company assigned her to a publicity department to support public relations projects and she worked with supervisors and co-workers as a member of a team. She was involved in a range of publicity projects, from organizing photos for advertisements, to social media targeting.    

The Education Division visited the company at the end of the 2-month internship program and had a short meeting with Yang Won Seok, the CEO of RH Korea, and Ms. Zhu. Mr. Yang expressed his gratitude to the Education Division for providing this opportunity to work with Ms. Zhu. He also complimented Ms. Zhu, saying that she is a highly motivated and optimistic worker who was able to provide proper support for the company. Ms. Zhu said she is very grateful to have had such an experience during her time in Korea and that she hoped she had gained more knowledge and skills through the internship.  

The internship was very successful because of the company’s willingness to make such a valuable opportunity available and the participant’s hard work. Cheng Cheng-Kie, Director of the Education Division, expressed special thanks to RH Korea for giving such opportunities for Taiwanese students to work at the company. He hopes that the Education Division will be able to involve more Taiwanese students in other internship programs as well.