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Taiwan–Malaysia International Educational Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony

Dr. Nicole Lee Yen-Yi giving welcoming remarks at the signing ceremony

The Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah has been actively promoting educational exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia for a long time and puts great effort into fostering skilled professionals in Sabah. An education cooperation project has been organized by the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah to promote educational cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysia by establishing a platform for bilateral educational exchanges. It will set up international education links between secondary schools in Sabah and universities in Taiwan and help develop diversified education programs. 
The agreement was jointly signed by the principals of six schools in Sabah and the presidents of five universities in Taiwan. The schools in Sabah are: Beaufort Middle School, Kian Kok Middle School, Papar Middle School, Chung Hwa Secondary School, Tenom, Papar Middle School, Sung Siew Secondary School, and Yu Yuan Secondary School. The universities in Taiwan are: China University of Technology, Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health, Da-Yeh University, LeeMing Institute of Technology, and Nan Kai University of Technology. The university presidents in Taiwan took part in the ceremony online.

The signing ceremony was conducted by Pang Thou Chong, President of the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah in Sabah on April 16, 2022, with assistance from the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Malaysia. Dignitaries at the signing ceremony included Representative Anne Hung, Dr. Nicole Lee Yen-Yi, the Director-General of the Department of International and Cross-strait Education of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, Datuk Dr. Tang Yong Chew, the President of FAATUM, Mr. Chen Yung Pin, President of the East Malaysia Standing Committee of Taipei Investors’ Association in Malaysia, and Ms. Charlin Chang, the Director of the Education Division. 

Dr. Nicole Lee Yen-Yi made welcoming remarks, speaking online. She thanked the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah for its long-term efforts encouraging local students to study in Taiwan and congratulated its leaders for bringing about this international education cooperation project, a great achievement. She expressed confidence that these education partnerships between Taiwan and Malaysia will help promote the internationalization of local education. She added that the signing of such education cooperation agreements is an important aspect of Taiwan’s international education exchange goals and Taiwan’s connecting with the world. Taiwan’s higher education plays a vital role in international exchanges and in innovative development. 

The Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah president, Pang Thou Chong, said that the purpose of the cooperation plan is to encourage schools in Sabah to build on their strengths and stay up-to-date with international education. Taiwan’s education is globally recognized and advanced, and he said that he is confident that the import of Taiwan educational resources will improve education in Sabah and broaden Malaysian students’ global vision.

The agreement between the six schools in Sabah and the five universities in Taiwan will be implemented in two stages between 2022 and 2024. The Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah and the Education Division will both help to facilitate the cooperation between the schools and the partner universities, to best meet the schools’ requirements. 

At Stage 1, the universities will help the schools to draw up individual development goals, based on such things as each school’s curriculum objectives, course requirements, teacher and student training, extracurricular activities, and distinctive features. At Stage 2, the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah will match the schools with suitable partner universities in Taiwan that will provide the schools with assistance and guidance to achieve their development goals.

This is a golden opportunity for the universities in Taiwan to work together with the schools in Sabah to improve the quality of education, and the universities and schools are all looking forward to implementing the education cooperation project.