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Life Story of Elite Athletes- Olympic Spirit Tour Lecture Officially Launches in August 2022

In order to provide life education and career exploration beyond the training of students participating in sports, the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education entrusted the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee to organize the "Life Story of Elite Athletes - Olympic Spirit Campus Tour Lecture", inviting outstanding national players to share their training stories by circuiting schools from this August. On 15th August, the basketball player of 2018 Asian Games, Lin Di(林蝶) will talk to teachers and students of New Taipei City Yuteh Private International School (裕德中學),  sharing their efforts with stories for inspiring and motivating young athletes. 
The Sports Administration Council points out that sport is a part of education. In addition to the pursuit of excellent performance in competitive sports, we should also pay attention to cultivating a correct and positive attitude in the process of athlete cultivation, and assist athletes in thinking about career planning for retirement in advance. By means of inviting elite athletes from the Olympic Games, Asian Games or other comprehensive events to share their sport life course with campus students, so as to inspire young athletes to plan their careers properly after retirement while pursuing their dreams. 
 Through the exemplary athletes talk more about the learning attitude which is the most difficult part in the process of growth, because it is not easy to expound, the athlete lecturers of different sports spend more time in their lectures accompanying with their own impressive stories to inspire the young students. Those athlete lecturers invited include: Zhu Mu-Yan (朱木炎) of Taekwondo, Guo Zin-Chuen (郭婞淳) of Weightlifting, Yang Yong-Wei (楊勇緯) of Judo, Chen Shi-Yuan (陳詩園) of Archery, Huang Yi-Ting (黃義婷) of Rowing, Lu Yan-Xun (盧彥勳) of Tennis, Yang Jun-Han (楊俊瀚) of Athletics, Huang Mei-Qian (黃渼茜) of Swimming, Chen Nian-Qin (陳念琴) of Boxing, Lian De-An (連德安) of Bobsleigh, etc. Since its promotion in 2016, more than 100 elite athlete lecturers (56 Olympians, 36 Asian Athletes, and 26 other athletes) have participated in this program. These lecturers toured around more than 200 high schools to share their life stories with more than 40,000 students. 
The first lecture of this year will begin in August, and the Sports Administration Council and the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee will also adjust the way of this program along with the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19. The Sports Administration said that these invited elite athlete lecturers will be arranged to accept the training courses of public speech and oral expression in advance, so that the lecturers can interact more closely and actively with the students and sports representative teams participating in this program, and achieve the goal of cultivating the correct learning attitude and thinking about the infinite possibilities of life in the future.