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High Schools in Taiwan & Utah Discuss Future Collaboration

Taiwan–Utah high school collaboration meeting participants
Seven high schools in Taiwan took part in a virtual meeting with eight high schools in Utah on May 19 and engaged in early-stage discussions about future collaborations with each other. 
The virtual meeting was arranged by the Education Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco, and the Utah Bridge Program at the University of Utah. 
The participating high schools and their partner schools are listed in the table below:
School in Taiwan:
Kaohsiung Municipal Nanzih Senior High School
Keelung Municipal Anle Senior High School
Keelung Municipal Nuannuan Senior High School
Pingtung County Dong Gang Senior High School
Pingtung County Fang Liao High School
Taichung Municipal Chung-Ming Senior High School
Taoyuan Municipal Yang Mei Senior High School
School in Utah State:
Orem High School
Snow Canyon High School
Crimson Cliffs High School
Lone Peak High School
Hurricane High School
Dixie High School
Herriman High School
Corner Canyon High School
Possible future collaboration items include language exchanges and joint course development, cultural differences, and incorporating the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and community issues into courses. 
The meeting broke into group discussions and each group discussed various practical aspects of future collaboration, for example, the challenge posed by the time difference between Taiwan and Utah. The meeting was held at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard time which was 10 a.m. in Taiwan. The solution reached was a plan to communicate initially in a non-live manner by exchanging videos and documents, and the partnering schools will develop communication platforms. The partnering schools hope to eventually also have some form of in-person interaction. 
After this online meeting, the Education Division at TECO in San Francisco, and the Utah Bridge Program are both looking forward to the development of more cooperation between high schools in Taiwan and in Utah that will enhance the international vision of high school students