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Happy and Safe Summer Fun Telling You About National Student Water Sports Experience

Kayaking experience and activity for students in 2021

Everyone can’t wait to go on a fun trip during the summer vacation. Water sports have become popular activities when people go on trips. When engaging in water sports, safety is of most concern to people. For this reason, in 2021, the Sports Administration commissioned National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology to establish the Open Water Sports Education Center (the Center), with five regional centers established nationwide. The centers actively promote water sports experience activities for students of all ages and plan pre-activity safety education so that students come into contact with water sports and also learn water safety knowledge, as well as enjoying summer vacation.

The Center has coordinated the holding of Forward-Looking Base Water Sports Experience Activities by regional center. In 2021, 126 such activities were held. In 2022, each regional center has planned basic and advanced water sports experience activities, with 50 held so far. The basic experience activities are for students who have no experience of water sports and give them a chance to get near water and learn basic water safety; students with a certain base can take part in the advanced water sports activities, to effectively raise the overall quality of water sports. Also, the regional centers will combine with the water sports units and satellite schools of universities and colleges to hold water sports experience activities to promote the development of water sports locally through guidance and cooperation and other cooperation mechanisms.

Of all water sports, kayaking is most popular with students. Kayaking is easy to learn. The kayaks are moved by the user’s upper body paddling movement and by the current. Fun games can be added to enhance student enjoyment. As the venue for activities is on the sea and near mountains, as well as experiencing water sports, participants can enjoy the pleasant scenery, and this is also a highlight of the experience activities.

Also, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) requires good balance and is a popular water sport at present. SUP is a board sport that combines the principles of surfing and rowing in which the user stands up on the board and paddles. More advanced users can take on water yoga or SUP surfing; it is a whole-body water sport.

For people interested in taking part in student water sport experience activities in summer vacation or wanting to obtain more information about water sports, go to the Sports Administration’s Open Water Sports Education Center’s FB fan page (; it has information on related activities held by the regional centers as well as water safety information for reference.