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Education and Training of Archives Management in Affiliated Schools of the Ministry of Education in 2022 Started on August 4th at National Chiayi University


In order to enhance the professional competencies of Archives Management, as well as to introduce new strategies and skills, the Ministry of Education (MOE) decided to develop On-the-job Training for those who are in charge of this field in all affiliated schools. In 2022, the education and training for Archives Management in all affiliated schools started on August 4th at National Chiayi University.
The education and training program is divided into three main courses: “De-bugging” Paper Files of Pests, File Information Management, and Development Promotional Files. These courses are outlined below.
 The course “De-bugging” Paper Files of Pests discusses fungus and pests that harm reference papers, focuses on the classification and features of microbes and insects, and then examines how these creatures influence and harm reference files. In addition, the course illustrates the prevention of fungus and pests, the methods of resolving the problems, and the measures of halting further deterioration. 
The course File Information Management claims that technology always begins from its useful application. By using digitization to check the necessary features and key points of the files, and going through the Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS), the goals and the overall structure of electronic file management will be properly connected with risks of preserving electronic archives and information security.
In terms of the course Development Promotional Files, it elaborates that the use and application of files also need moderate marketing. The MOE discusses the meaning of core ideas in file marketing and its promotion, and then takes Western files as examples, explaining how to understand the recent applicative situation of the promotion of value-added files and how to organize archive exhibitions. In addition, this course helps the people in Taiwan realize the values and importance of files, and motivates them to pay attention to files. The goal of this course is to change people’s traditional perspectives and thinking about files. 
Files are considered to be primary sources for reserving historical matters, they reflect information, working contents and features of government organizations. Additionally, files record the development of history and are regarded as national assets and social instruments. The MOE understands how important files are to government agencies, the whole nation and our residents; that is why the MOE uses files to assist and support their affiliated schools to establish a thorough archives management system, and they also hold several education and training courses for Archives Management regularly in Taiwan. The MOE expects to encourage these members to review their filing knowledge and learn new concepts, in order to build the foundation of eternal development of the archive management field.