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The Ministry of Education Celebrates National Grandparents Day—Playing and Learning Together Spans the Generations


In 2011, the Ministry of Education (MOE) determined that the 4th Sunday in August every year would be designated as National Grandparents Day. Since then, the MOE has annually assisted all county and city governments to hold various activities for National Grandparents Day during August and September in hopes of heightening the focus on interactive intergenerational shared learning for all citizens. Participating in these activities, the younger generation can learn wisdom and diverse experiences from the lives of their elders; at the same time, the older generation will connect with more new ideas and concepts through the youth. This interaction promotes social participation and achievement of the vision of intergenerational bonding. 
The Administrative Deputy Minister, Mr. Teng-Chiao Lin, notes that over 70% of teenagers in Taiwan are raised by their grandparents as children. In order to emphasize the importance of grandparents’ contribution to families and society, this year the MOE has held an interactive memes competition for grandparents and grandchildren. While preparing their memes for submission, the cross-generational collaboration and discussion can help bridge the generation gap with increased interactions. The award-winning works were presented at a press conference and awards ceremony on August 28th at the National Taiwan Science Education Center, followed by an activity fair.
The activity fair also adopted the theme of “Shared Learning Across the Generations”. Through completing every stage of the interactive games, hand-in-hand cooperation between grandparents and grandchildren was encouraged. For example, through joining with their grandchildren to make children’s toys by hand, such as paper dragonflies and spinning flywheels, grandpas and grandmas recalled their childhood memories with laughter, enhancing the interaction between grandparents and grandchildren, leaving sweet memories for all the participants.