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The Sports Administration, Taipei and New Taipei Cities cooperate to gain another official position in the ICG


  The 2022 International Children's Games (ICG) General Assembly was held on August 12, in Coventry, UK. Representing Taipei City, Office of the President Secretary Chang Fen-Fen was successfully re-elected as a member of the ICG Executive Committee. Representing New Taipei City for the first time, Hsu Hsiu-Ling, Director of the International and Cros-strait Sports Division, Sports Administration, was elected as a member of the ICG Committee.

ICG is an international sports organization recognized by the IOC. All cities that have hosted the ICG can become members and have the right to vote. It currently has 44 member cities including Taipei City (hosted ICG in 2002) and New Taipei City (2016). The ICG General Assembly is held every two years, with each member city representative having one vote and the 12 with the most votes elected as ICG Committee members. The seven members of the Executive Committee are elected every four years, and include the president, two vice-presidents, treasurer, secretary general, and two executive committee members. After hosting the ICG in Taipei City in 2002, Director of the International Sports Department of the Sports Affairs Council Executive Yuan (forerunner of the Sports Administration) Chang Fen-Fen obtained a place on the ICG Committee representing Taipei City, and was elected as Executive Committee member in 2005, the position held for 16 years to date.

The ICG is held annually and the Sports Administration attaches great importance in the participation of the ICG organization and its activities. Each year, support is given to city and county government teams to take part in the games, including Taipei City, New Taipei City and Taoyuan City. Although Taiwan did not take part in this year’s ICG for epidemic prevention reasons, the Sports Administration still cooperated with Taipei and New Taipei cities to raise Taiwan’s international profile by obtaining important positions in the ICG, with Secretary Chang Fen-Fen re-elected as Executive Committee member and Director Hsu Hsiu-Ling elected as Committee member. The ICG will return to Asia next year in Daegu, Korea, and it is expected that cities and counties in Taiwan will actively form delegations to take part and together expand the influence of Taiwan in the ICG.