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Combining sports, ocean and sustainability, the first IDUS underwater celebration

CTUSF took participants to Green Island to experience scuba diving, becoming the first IDUS underwater celebratory activity globally. Photo by CTUSF

In response to the UNESCO-proclaimed, FISU-launched International Day of University Sport (IDUS), the Sports Administration joined with Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation (CTUSF) in planning a series of events that were held in Green Island on September 14-16. This year, 40 students from 17 universities and colleges in eight countries and regions took on various challenges; the activities were not only held on Green Island for the first time, the courses included water activities, marine ecology and environmental sustainability and scuba diving experience were also arranged, becoming the first underwater activity held in response to IDUS.

From 2018, the Sports Administration has promoted IDUS values jointly with CTUSF, successively holding activities such as water and land spirts experience, media volunteer training, sports broadcast industry visits, online conversation with Universiade athletes and study forums. Through various methods, students “learn by doing sports,” linking with university students through sports to celebrate IDUS every year, with no break even during the pandemic. 82% of FISU members globally are involved in the celebration of IDUS and more than 2,000 activities are held annually.

This year’s activities had the themes of ocean and sustainability and invited medal winners at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games and students who enthusiastically take part in university sports events to take part. Participants experienced diving at Blue Hole, scuba diving and SUP standup paddling at Shilang, putting into practice the spirit of diverse sports participation of IDUS and aiming to promote and realize the idea of environmental sustainability through beach cleaning action matched with ecological explanation.

The Sports Administration, which has always given strong support to student exchange programs, was represented by Division Chief Maggie Hsu of the International and Cross-strait Sports Division. She said, as part of active participation as a member of FISU, the IDUS has been promoted for five years in succession by the Sports Administration together with the CTUSF. As well as affirming the breakthroughs of undertaking past activities, she emphasized : “Combining issues such as ocean, ecology and sustainability matches the UN SDGs and international participation trends and must be continued to be paid attention to. She also encouraged the students: “I hope this experience plants seeds so that everyone will include sports, physical activity and healthy living into daily life.”

As an assessor of the FISU Executive Committee who has participated personally in IDUS activity planning, Vice President of the CTUSF Tseng Ching-yu strongly recommended Green Island for its combination of nature and culture, hoping that attaching importance to ecological landscape and ocean education will let the world see Taiwan. The aim of combining different sports experiences was to encourage students to face difficulties and unknown challenges and to have the courage and confidence to exceed their own limits. “In future, there will be no limits for activities on land, sea or in the air, I hope we can promote every aspect to drive participation and give the beauty of sport to more people.”