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Taiwan International Student Design Competition - Winners Announced


The 2022 Taiwan International Students Design Competition, hosted by the Ministry of Education, is the biggest international design competition for students. Today the 2022 TISDC unveiled its winning list, among which are 43 works created by students in Taiwan including Gold Prizes in Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation Categories, as well as Environmental Sustainability Award. This year the Grand Prix was awarded to Outlaw, created by a group of Taiwanese students including Hao-Yang Peng, Yu-Ching Ling, Chia-Shan Liu, Yung-Hua Lu, and Yu-Hua Yang from the National Taiwan University of Arts. It shows that the creative power Taiwan students presnet is firmly recognized by the international design community.

The theme of the 2022 Taiwan International Student Design Competition is One World, which focuses on unity and sustainability of the world. This year, the TISDC attracted 16,749 entries from 867 schools in 66 countries/regions. In total, 112 designers from 31 countries were selected to be the jury in preliminary selections, including 42 designers in Product Design, 42 in Visual Design, and 28 in Digital Animation. The jury had chosen 587 entries to enter final selection where 15 entries will be chosen for each of the three categories and 15 entries will be awarded in Environmental Sustainability Award. Selected by jury coming from 28 countries, these 77 award winning pieces made it to the finals with a finalist acceptance rate at 3.6%. The odds of being awarded in the TISDC is only 0.4%, which shows how intense the competition is and how invaluable the awards are.

The TISDC comprises of awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, which include one Grand Prix of the competition, and one gold, one silver, three bronzes, as well as 12 honorable mentions in each of the three categories. There are also 22 International Design Association Special Prize co-sponsored by iSee Taiwan Foundation and Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation and three Environmental Sustainability Awards sponsored by the TPCA Environment Foundation.

Among the 43 award winning pieces of students in Taiwan, the Grand Prix Outlaw by Hao-Yang Peng, Yu-Ching Ling, Chia-Shan Liu, Yung-Hua Lu, and Yu-Hua Yang from the National Taiwan University of Arts is awarded with a monetary prize of NTD$ 400,000. The works NGTF by Shih-Hsuan Chiu from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, WILD VEGETABLES' by Shu-Qi Yang, Ling-Ci Chang, Tsai-Tzu Hsiao, Pin- Xuan Lin, Yu-Pei Chang from Chaoyang University of Technology, Ant Hotel by Yu-Hsuan Teng, Jia-Jia Chang, Yu-Chien Chen, Ci-Syuan Chen, Ming-Hsuan Lin from the National Taiwan University of Arts grab the Gold prize in Product Design, Visual Design, and Digital Animation. While Tou Do Lab by Yu-Wen Huang, Ci-Han Huang, Sing-Huei Wann, Tzu-Ching Su, Shu-Ti Li, and Yu-Ang Zhu from Ling Tung University, and Same Old by Sheng Xiang Su, Ken-Chuan Chang, and Weng-Ian Kou from National Yunlin University of Science & Technology were both awarded Environmental Sustainability Award.

The award ceremony and exhibition will be held on November 29 at Eslite Performance Hall. The address is: No. 88, Yanchang Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City. The award-winning works will also be exhibited in the National Library of Public Information in Taichung, from December 6 to December 15. The address is: No. 100 Wuquan South Road. South District, Taichung. We invite all of you to join the exhibition! List of award winners this year are already announced at