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Training at the Grassroots Level The Sports Administration Achieves Results after Six Years' Promotion on Supporting Sports Science for Competitive Sports

The Sports Administration promotion of sports science support for competitive sports has achieved results after six years

The Sports Administration continues to promote the “Program for Sports Science Support for Competitive Sports” to encourage the implementation of sports science in grassroots competitive sport training and application of the research results of sports science professional institutions in the practical field of competitive sports training. Universities and sports science academic institutions are subsidized to go into competitive teams at every level and introduce sports science into the training system. Since this Program was launched in 2017, 126 programs have been subsidized, supporting 22 sports and allowing grassroots school athletes to receive assistance from sports science and sports teams to benefit from sports science expertise.

Taking 2021 as an example, Prof. Chen Chung-ching of National Taiwan Normal University supported the school’s women’s football team by conducting a full year sports injury survey and muscle strength testing and assessment, using sports science support to allow players and coaches to understand the importance and benefits of sports injury prevention and reduce the rate of occurrence of sports injury. Prof. Chen Ting-ting of National Ilan University supported grassroots swimmers in Hualien (National Dong Hwa University, Tzu Chi University, Szu Wei Senior High School and Kuo Feng Junior High School,) through the establishment of a forecasting model and information feedback, allowing swimmers to understand factors affecting training and competition so they could enhance or adjust their self-health management and somatic perception ability to perform to a higher level. The subjects supported by this plan bagged three gold medals in the 400 meters, 800 meters and 1500 meters freestyle at the 2022 National Middle School Athletic Games and three golds in 400 meters, 800 meters and 1500 meters freestyle at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games.

Through the sports science plan, “Different moving body eyesight training,” Prof Liu Ya-chen of Chung Hua University established a sport visual training method and verified the best moving body training method for young baseball players, allowing the subjects of support to understand their own visual strengths and weaknesses and hitting performance parameters. Xinming Junior High School took second place in the 2021 junior high school baseball league (softball category). Prof. Chen Ying-cheng of National Kaohsiung Normal University used sports science to establish the shoulder muscle strength performance of female volleyball players, allowing Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School and National Kaohsiung Normal University volleyball teams to draw up more effective muscle strength training plans and reducing damage to shoulder muscles. Effectively enhancing shoulder muscle training was a big help to players. The Kaohsiung City women’s volleyball team, made up mainly of players from Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School and National Kaohsiung Normal University teams, were champions for the second time in a row at the 2021 National Games.

The Sports Administration will continue to promote sports science support for training and competition and optimize the nurturing of research talent in related areas; it also hopes, through the stimulation of the actual training environment, to expand the innovative directions of research and raise the level of sports science research, while, at the same time, nurturing more sports science practice research talent. The Sports Administration is currently actively planning the National Sports Science Center and will introduce innovative research techniques with the aim of comprehensively integrating sports science practical application to help Taiwan’s athletes surpass the self and exceed limits.

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