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Embrace the Beautiful New World, Discover a Promising New Future: The 2022 Taiwan Reading Festival Invites You to Experience the Joy and Wonders of Reading


The Ministry of Education has once again designated the National Central Library (NCL) to facilitate the tenth annual country-wide reading festival, the 2022 Taiwan Reading Festival. In 2020, the festival earned the recognition of the American Library Association (ALA) Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects. It is indeed an exciting annual reading event that everyone looks forward to.

This year the NCL has organized the main event, “Joyful Reading Carnival for Taiwan Reading Festival”, promoting two full days of activities for the first time. On the first day, December 3rd (Saturday), activities will be held at the park area behind Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park. Whereas, the activities on the second day, December 4th (Sunday), will be held in the surrounding area of the NCL. This year, the NCL has invited 150 institutions to organize more than 250 featured reading-related activities. In addition, a new activity of this year’s 2022 Taiwan Reading Festival consists of 14 poster submissions from international libraries collected by the NCL, which will be exhibited with professional librarians onsite to introduce and explain the posters, providing an excellent opportunity for international librarians and visitors to the Republic of China (R.O.C. Taiwan) to exchange experiences and learn from each other.

To list a few of the activities, the National Taiwan Library, on December 3rd, will conduct a reading activity entitled “Earnest Reading, Enduring Development”, with the theme of “Ecological Sustainability”. The activity will guide people in promoting an eco-friendly sustainable reading environment. Additionally, the National Library of Public Information will conduct an activity entitled Perfect Companion for Reading: Reading within Fragrance of Tea”. By combining reading and “tea drinking”, the activity aims to lead book readers to the world of tea fragrances and allow them to find the perfect companion of tea while reading. Another activity entitled “Little Book-Lovers’ World” has 16 counties and cities across the country, holding 80 reading activities that correspond with the 2022 Taiwan Reading Festival. Please join us and enjoy the delights of reading, as we experience the passion for reading of the people of the R.O.C (Taiwan) together.

Websites for the 2022 Taiwan Reading Festival: