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Student livestreaming for student sports events Sports Administration nurtures broadcast new media talent

Teacher Liao Yi-can led a student broadcast team from NTUA to broadcast the taekwondo competition at the 2022 National University and College Athletic Games

During the COVID-19 pandemic period, the Sports Administration nurtured new media sports broadcast talent, at the National Middle School Athletic Games, National University and College Athletic Games high school football and basketball leagues, providing a total of over 1,000 student sports competition livestream broadcasts. This not only nurtured related media talent, it also let people enjoy the excitement of sports competition together.

With the rise of new media, the threshold for competition broadcast technology and equipment has lowered, and to encourage students to take part in sports events, the Plan for Nurturing Sports Education Broadcast Talent was held with six domestic universities including National Taiwan Sport University for the first time in 2019. In 2022, the “Ministry of Education Guidelines for Subsidizing the Nurturing of Sports Broadcast Talent by Universities” were officially set, subsidizing the nurturing of sports broadcast talent by universities and inclusion in school curricula, encouraging the use of new media in more innovative and diverse ways for livestreaming and marketing sports events. The results acceptance inspection of the Plan was based on sports event online livestreaming and sports event presenting and had “Student livestreaming for student sports events” was used as the slogan.

The Sports Administration said that the six universities involved in the Plan for Nurturing Sports Education Broadcast Talent in 2019 increased to 18 universities; over 10 sports has been nurtured and marketed, including athletics, taekwondo, judo, and wrestling; the number of students nurtured has increased to 712, not only increasing by over 40% on 2021, 171 students are from physical education related courses, not only reflecting the success of the Plan, also showing that the sports new media learning method is widely popular amongst university students. It also provides career possibilities and diversity to physical education department students apart from striving for success on the sports field. 

Providing an inter-disciplinary diverse learning platform for university physical education and broadcast department students, of the schools cooperating with the 2021 Plan for Nurturing Sports Education Broadcast Talent, as well as National Taiwan University of Sport teacher Chiang Ren, who worked as a TV station director and has experience of reporting at various Olympics, who led a student broadcast team from the Department of Sport Information and Communication to broadcast athletics, the students and teachers of The Institute of Physical Education, Health and Leisure Studies of National Cheng Kung University added image recognition and other sports technology to swimming broadcast; during the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, the students of the Department of Media Communication of Hsing Wu University released their self-created, directed and acted music video song “Fly”, telling the mental journey of athletes and how they fly over their challenges; during the badminton broadcast period, the Department of Physical Education of the University of Taipei invited Tai Ching-jie, elder sister of national badminton team star Tai Tzu-ying to serve as commentator; the Department of Radio & Television of National Taiwan University of the Arts invited national taekwondo athlete Chen Yi-an to explain taekwondo skills and competition rules and invited her to serve as commentator during the broadcast period, providing livestream services together with the student presenter, giving students opportunities and platforms for more diverse learning.

Sports competitions are the battleground of athletes and also the stage for media broadcasters. In response to the pandemic, for disease prevention, many sports events were held behind closed doors, the professional broadcast technology of new media broadcast teams was needed more than ever to give visual and audial pleasures to the audience by transmitting splendid sports events through the Internet, allowing people to enjoy the touching moments and fun of sports