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CTSSF signed a cooperation MOU with UNSS for the first time, opening a historic new chapter for high school sports exchange


Witnessed by Sports Administration Director-General Cheng Shih-chung, the Chinese Taipei School Sport Federation (CTSSF) signed a cooperation MOU with France’s Union Nationale du Sport Scolaire (UNSS) on March 13, 2023. This is the first time the CTSSF has signed an MOU with an overseas school sports federation, opening a historic new chapter for high school sports exchange.

UNSS joined the International School Sport Federation (ISF) in 1973 and has always actively participated in its events, also hosting the 2022 Gymnasiade; it has a certain level of influence on the ISF. In recent years, through participation in ISF events, the CTSSF has actively exchanged with member countries and has established friendship with the UNSS.

On behalf of the UNSS, its Directeur National Adjoint Mr. Cédric Hayère visited Taiwan March 12-14. During the visit, he attended the High School Basketball League Finals, appreciating the skills of Taiwan’s high school players and feeling the bustling atmosphere generated by the supporters’ groups from the four schools in the finals, as well as experiencing the high specification facilities and processes of the venue. He signed an MOU with the CTSSF on behalf of the UNSS, opening up a channel for sports exchange between adolescents in France and Taiwan and talking a historic step for bilateral relations.

The Sports Administration said that to enhance exchange between the CTSSF and the international organizations it belongs to and their members, assistance will continue to be given in the form of an annual commissioned work plan. It is hoped, through participation in the activities of international sports organizations, to build an equal and mutually beneficial bilateral exchange platform to substantially expand Taiwan’s space for international sports exchange.