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Submission for sports enterprise certification now opened Sports Enterprise Identity card brought out, offering exclusive benefits

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The Sports Administration has handled sports enterprise certification for eight years in succession, with a total of 574 enterprises certified, more than 1.06 million employees were benefited and an increasing number of enterprises have attached importance to employee sport. The 2023 Sports Enterprise Certification Launch Press Conference and Northern Area Explanatory Meeting were held on March 16. Since being introduced in 2016, Sports Enterprise Certification has been received enthusiastically by enterprises and employees across Taiwan, together building a sports common good ecosphere. Sports Enterprise Certification continued through the pandemic period and promotion of sports was maintained through an online application submission process and online activities.
The Sports Administration said the “Golden Honor List” was introduced in 2021. Enterprises that have retained Sports Enterprise Certification for 10 years in succession in a 15-year period can become “Golden Honor Enterprises”. This year is a key year because veteran enterprises that took part in certification from 2016 will gain the honor of being Golden Honor Enterprises if they are certified again this year. As well as being commended at the award ceremony, the enterprises will feature in reports and be eligible for priority invitation for Sports Administration related activities. 
Also, the Sports Enterprise Certification LINE@ now has more than 3,000 members. As well as Sports Enterprise Certification related advice, sports event and activity news announcement and sports ecosphere enterprise priority receipt, the “Sports Enterprise Identity Card”, introduced in 2023, gives members more certification benefits. LINE@ will also provide excusive activities for members and invite sports enterprise employees to take part.
To jointly support Sports Enterprise Certification, certified enterprises actively took part in this event. Many certified enterprises from 2022 this year served as partners, the well-known enterprise brands including Yuen Foong Yu Consumer Products Co., Ltd. Chingshui Plant, MacroHI Ltd., Umai Group and Taoyuan Metro, all happily contributing enterprise resources and supporting the Sports Administration towards the objective of developing sports for all; Decathlon Taiwan shared its experiences of promoting employee sports as a certified sports enterprise; Taiwan Power Company and ADLink participated in certification from 2016 and were certified again this year to join the first Golden Honor List; and HT Investment Inc., part of the same group as Heyu Enterprise, an enterprise certified last year, applied for its own certification.
To provide enterprises with more information about applying for certification, three explanatory meetings will be held in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan, respectively. On March 16, the Northern explanatory meeting was held following the launch press conference; the Central explanatory meeting will be held at the CMONEY Training Center at 2pm om March 23; the Southern explanatory meeting will be held at 2pm on March 29 at Classroom 204 at Pier 2 Base. Enterprise across Taiwan are invited to attend free of charge.
For certification this year, enterprises are now invited to submit applications, with June 9 being the deadline (according to postmark). The charter ceremony will be held in October. All legally registered enterprises in Taiwan, regardless of how large their revenue is, industry or whether they are local or foreign, are eligible to apply for Sports Enterprise Certification; subsidiaries of the same group can also apply for certification separately. For the latest news, please refer to the website or search “iSports” online.