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Opportunities and Scholarships to Study in Taiwan Spark Interest Among UK Students


There is growing interest on the part of British scholars towards Taiwan and its pivotal role in world affairs, and more and more students are expressing an interest in pursuing studies there, to deepen their knowledge of Taiwan and its culture, or learn Mandarin Chinese. Given this, the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK is continuing to work closely with UK universities to foster opportunities for educational exchanges and cooperation that benefit educators and students in British and Taiwan alike.
The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK visited the University of Cambridge on the 30th of January and gave a presentation about the many opportunities for international students to study or work in Taiwan, and the Ministry of Education scholarships available. 
The Director of the Education Division, Andy Bi, opened the information session and remarked on the success of the Taiwan Cambridge University Scholarship program and of the Taiwan Studies Programme at Cambridge University, which is designed to help University of Cambridge students to learn more about Taiwan's society, history, and culture. Participants were then given details about Taiwan’s higher education system and the opportunities to study or work there, and details of the Huayu Enrichment Scholarships—for students to enhance their Mandarin proficiency—and the Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarships, for students to undertake a degree at a university of their choice in Taiwan.
Two students shared some interesting stories of their experiences living in Taiwan. and their impressions of Taiwanese culture and habits. The response from the students was overwhelmingly positive. Particular interest was expressed in the Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Programme (TFETP), an initiative that allows British scholars to share their language skills with students in Taiwan. 
A similar event was held the following day at SOAS University of London which boasts a thriving Taiwan Studies Programme. It was co-organized by the Education Division and the Centre of Taiwan Studies, led by Professor Dafydd Fell and Professor Bi-yu Chang. In addition, Ken Yang, Director of the Consular Division provided information on the Youth Mobility Scheme, and working in Taiwan. Over 50 students attended the session, and asked the speakers many questions during the Q&A session that followed.