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Paris 2024 Olympic Games pre-Games inspection Enhancing logistics support and Making every effort to prepare for the Games

The Logistics Support Inspection Delegation held a meeting with Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France

In order to provide the most complete logistics support to the Taiwan national team for the 33rd Summer Olympics, Paris 2024, the Sports Administration, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and the National Sports Training Center formed the Logistics Support Inspection Delegation and embarked on an on-site inspection tour to Paris April 15-23. The aim was to gain an understanding of and assess the needs and feasibility of establishing a logistics work team and relay stations for a portion of sports teams during the Games. During the inspection period, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee was visited and games-related competition information collected; discussion meetings were also held with the Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France and the overseas community to discuss their provision of assistance and support for reference as various follow up team formation matters and logistics support.
 On April 27th, the Sports Administration stated that the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee has various regulations relating to visits to venues including a maximum of two visits between March 2023 and February 2024; the maximum number of official competition venues and the Athletes’ Village within six months is seven, and the limit on the number of people on each visit is eight. Consequently, taking into account that most of the competition venues are existing venues in use, will be temporarily erected or are undergoing renovation. The focus of this inspection visit was collecting the latest Games organizing information and planning logistics support, in order to plan support bases outside on the Athletes’ Village at an early stage and assess and plan logistics support method and feasibility.
Besides the main mission of this inspection visit which is to establish a work group during the Games period to enhance logistics support, in the meeting with Paris 2024 Organizing Commute representatives, it was expressed that 80% of venues are within 30 minutes by car from the athletes’ village; if athletes take the village shuttle bus and use the special Games lane than there is no need for security inspection before directly reaching competition venues. The inspection visit also collected information on local transport, accommodation and food, laundry, protection and security etc. as reference for follow up delegation formation and overall assessment.
To gain an understanding of the position of venue seating and area flowlines, the Inspection Delegation also visited the venues for 14 sports namely badminton, archery, judo, taekwondo, weightlifting, table tennis, tennis, boxing, gymnastics, rowing, kayaking equestrian, cycling, golf and the Athletes’ Village to allow venue information to be provided to the training team. The Organizing Committee stated that the Athletes’ Village will officially begin accepting athletes on July 18, 2024 (eight days before the Games open date); training venues will be open for practice seven days before the start of competition for each sport, with the training venues for six sports namely weightlifting, breakdancing, wrestling, basketball, fencing and modern pentathlon located in the Athletes’ Village.
During the inspection visit, meetings were held with the Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France and the overseas community to explain the aims of the visit and preparations for delegation formation, as well as to discuss assistance with logistics support affairs that can provide during the Games including logistics food support, transportation assistance and forming an overseas compatriot cheerleading group for the provision of immediately later stage support to jointly help Taiwan’s athletes achieve good results.
The Sports Administration thanked the Bureau de Représentation de Taipei en France and the overseas community for supporting and assisting this inspection visit and said that, in the future, collection of competition information and enhancing of logistics planning overall will continue, to make logistics support strategy complete, allowing athletes to concentrate on competitions and move towards Paris 2024 with firm steps on the road to win the highest glory for the nation.