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Youth Sports Vouchers encourage the Young to do and watch sports Registration opens for operators on May 1


To encourage young people to develop a habit of voluntarily taking part in sports events or watching competitions, the Sports Administration plans to annually issue NT$500 Youth Sports Vouchers to citizens aged 16-22 to form a positive sports cycle and drive the development of the sports industry. On April 20, the Sports Administration invited related operators to a meeting to put forward an additional plan, to jointly promote the Youth Sports Vouchers policy and to encourage more operators that meet the requirement of “doing sports” and “watching competitions” to register on the Sports Vouchers website ( and become official cooperating businesses, increasing consumer redemption choice and industry scale.
The Sports Administration said registration will open on the Sports Vouchers website for related operators on May 1. Operators that meet the requirement of “doing sports” and “watching competitions” can begin to accept Youth Sports Vouchers on June 1. All eligible operators are invited to register. People eligible for the vouchers are ROC citizens aged between 16 and 22, that is, born January 1, 2001 to December 31, 2007 with current domestic household registration (issue date or student status are not the basis for determination). Young people can take advantage of the opportunity to actively take part in sports activities or watch competitions to make sports a fond memory of youth.
Sports Voucher 1.0 could be used for “buying equipment”,“doing sports” and “watching competitions”, with 94% of vouchers actually redeemed for buying equipment; the use scope of Sports Vouchers 2.0 was adjusted to doing sports and watching competition; with policy guidance, the voucher redemption proportion for doing sports and watching competitions was greatly increased. Youth Sports Vouchers continue the measures of Sports Vouchers 2.0, with the use scope of doing sports and watching competitions; doing sports includes tickets for sports centers, fitness centers, swimming pools, ball courts, badminton halls, bowling halls, hitting fields and go-kart tracks; watching competitions includes tickets for watching baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, softball and archery etc. Youth Sports Vouchers can also be used for the registration fee for triathlon, cycling, swimming, watersports, mountain climbing and hiking, river tracing and rock climbing and for sports education and training courses.
There are around 2,800 Sports Vouchers 2.0 cooperating businesses. To simplify application, from April 26, will remind existing cooperating businesses to register on the website and operator information will be automatically imported. On May 1, they can go to the website to confirm and complete various information (including account information) and will then become Youth Sports Vouchers cooperating businesses after review. For new businesses applying to become Youth Sports Vouchers cooperating businesses, they can input their basic information and upload a copy of the account and related proof from May 1 and then become a cooperating business after review. 
 The Sports Administration will engage in joint promotion with various ministries and local governments, with sports as the element, combining with regional revitalization and trips to carry out cross-industry integration to continue increasing the number of cooperating businesses and provide people in remote areas voucher redemption opportunities; and will also encourage sports operators combining sports travel and legal and safe outdoor adventure and leisure education service operators to become cooperating businesses to jointly expand the sports industry’s scale. 
To provide people with convenient use and diverse redemption options and also taking into account operator needs, an API connected online redemption function will be provided; related ticketing or event platforms can register on the Sports Voucher website and the Sports Administration will provide necessary support services. The Sports Administration will also adhere to the principle of “daily account checking, weekly settlement, fast disbursement,” with cooperating businesses able to instantly check the redeemed amount; after confirming the settlement amount is correct, the Sports Administration will quickly disburse the redeemed amount. 
The Sports Administration calls on eligible sports operators to take advantage of the opportunity and to register on the Sports Voucher website from May 1 to become a Youth Sports Vouchers cooperating business. It is hoped that all young people can use Youth Sports Vouchers to enjoy sports and watching competition so that sports become fond memories of youth. For any questions, please go to the Sports Voucher website. (website: or call the customer service line on 02-77523658 from May 1.