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Acceptance of 2023 Mountain Guide Training Institution Extension Applications and New Applications begins on May 26


With the aim of supplementing the number of mountain guide training institutions and extending the validity of existing training institutions, in 2023, the Sports Administration will handle mountain guide training institution extension and application operations according to the “Regulations for Testing Qualifications of Mountain Guides”. An online explanatory meeting will be held at 9am on May 26 in which eligibility, submitted documents and review process will be explained in detail. Units willing to be determined or recognized as mountain training institutions or training institutions that need an extension are invited to submit applications from May 26 to June 26, 2023.

At present, mountain guides are divided into the four categories of hiking, river tracing, rock climbing and ice climbing. Government agencies (institutions) and administrative juridical persons, juridical persons, groups and institutions related to mountain activity operations or schools above junior college level that hold mountain guide courses or practical teaching, can submit documents including teachers, facilities, equipment, course planning etc. then apply for determination according to the guide type they want to apply for; they will receive a training institution certificate after successful review and can then handle mountain guide training base on the approved type of guide.

Units interested in handling mountain guide testing or refresher training work must first be determined as a training institution, then submit an application for recognition with the related materials, after which they will receive a recognition certificate after successful review and can then undertake mountain guide testing and refresher training work on behalf of the Sports Administration. The duration of mountain guide training institution determination and the recognition certificate is four years, and they can be extended for four years each time in principle upon expiry.

For the online explanatory meeting registration information and online meeting link for mountain guide training institution determination and recognition application and extension operations, please go to the Mountain Guide Special Page-latest news on the iSports information platform ( or call the executive team of the Visit and Guidance Program for Affairs Relating to the 2023 mountain Guide Training and Testing and Refresher Training Certification System (Tel.: 03-3283201 ext.8519).