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National Mountaineering Day 2023 activity series kicks off Citizens invited to experience the fun and fulfilment of mountain climbing

National Mountaineering Day 2023 launch press conference. The attendees invited everyone to go out and enjoy the mountain forest together

The Sports Administration held a press conference for the launch of National Mountaineering Day 2023 today and invited Tsai Chang-hsian, an all-round celebrity who is keen on mountaineering, to share his mountaineering experience. This year, the Sports Administration will also join hands with the Ministry of Interior Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Agriculture Forestry Administration, Health Promotion Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Hakka Affairs Council, New Taipei City Tourism and Travel Department, North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, the Tri-mountain National Scenic Area Administration and other units jointly to launch a series of online and offline mountaineering activities to advocate and enhance the concept of mountaineering safety, encourage more citizens to go into the mountains, and establish more diverse sports patterns.

Mountaineering and hiking have become popular in recent years. The National Mountaineering Day series of activities launched by the Sports Administration will provide a variety of mountaineering activities. The aim is for people across Taiwan to go mountaineering and hiking, allowing people of different ages to make suitable choices based on their own abilities and experience the fun of walking in the mountains together as well as to get to know Taiwan’s unique natural scenery.

This year's series of activities will start in succession in September; first to appear are the national and family online mountaineering activities "I’m Good at Mountain Climbing" and "Hiking for All"; and also, in combination with national and local mountaineering associations, more than 250 mountaineering activities will be held; meanwhile , in order to allow more people to learn mountain wilderness knowledge, skills and safety, nearly 20 mountaineering safety lectures are planned. Not only that, this year's National Mountaineering Symposium is to be held by the Council of Indigenous Peoples this time, and will gather together government agencies and the public to jointly improve mountaineering policies; in addition, related government agencies also plan to hold more than 100 mountain-centered activities. Most importantly, from October 14th to 15th, National Mountaineering Day “home” activities will be held simultaneously in northern, central and southern Taiwan; finally, national mountaineering associations will gather from October 28th to 29th for the National Mountaineering Association Assembly Thanksgiving Award Ceremony, to bring the mountain climbing activity series to a close.

Tsai Chang-hsian, a celebrity who is a keen mountain climber, attended today's press conference. He has more than four years of travel program experience, which allowed him to climb various high mountains in Taiwan. He often shares his mountaineering experience on social media and once said with feeling “ Each step is a dialogue between you and nature, a kind of intimate and comfortable feeling that will make you very relaxed.” He also shared a lot of mountaineering thoughts and experiences with everyone at the event, inviting everyone to go into the mountains and forests, enjoy mountaineering and hiking, and gain physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

During the National Mountaineering Day 2023 series of activities, people participating in mountaineering activities will have the opportunity to receive selected fine gifts from more than 40 brands such as MERRELL, Tingsaniou, AViTA, etc. Everyone is sincerely invited to step out together, challenge themselves, and have fun in the mountains.