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46 Groups and Individuals Honored In the 2023 School Sports Beacon of Excellence Award

Group photo of attendees at the 2023 School Sports Beacon of Excellence Award ceremony

The Sports Administration, Ministry of Education held the 2023 School Sports Beacon of Excellence Award Ceremony on 17 October. 46 organizations, groups and individuals were selected from nominations submitted by various cities/counties and units. Administrative Deputy Minister of Education Lin Teng-Chiao and Director General Cheng Shih-Chung also attended the ceremony to offer their congratulations. They praised the organizations, teachers and coaches who have made contributions to grassroots school sports, acknowledging their diligent work in promoting sports and their deep commitment to the development of competitive sports and sports for all in Taiwan. The awards include group awards, individual awards and special awards.
A total of 71 applications were received this year. After a careful and thorough four-month judging process, a total of 46 organizations, groups and individuals were selected to receive this year's School Sports Beacon of Excellence Award. Group awards include the Outstanding Organization Award and the Outstanding School Award. Individual awards include the Teaching Excellence in School Sports Award, the Excellence in School Sports Activities Award and the Excellence in Coaching School Sports Award. Special awards include the Dedication to School Sports Award and the Lifetime Achievement in Teaching School Sports Award.
Administrative Deputy Minister Lin Teng-Chiao expressed their gratitude to the teachers and coaches who work diligently in grassroots sports. They thanked them for their innovative teaching methods that make physical education teaching more diverse. They also paid tribute to representatives from education and sports circles, as well as schools and local governments. Together, they are keeping the flame of sports promotion alive and are working together to pass on the torch of "sport" and illuminate the future development of physical education.
School physical education is an important part of education, not only a crucial aspect of education and sports in our country, but also a cornerstone of national development. It requires the collective efforts of schools, the civil sector and the government to work together to ensure that sport is deeply rooted in our society. Through this ceremony, we aim to publicly recognize and celebrate the commitment of individuals and organizations who have made a significant contribution over the long term. We hope to inspire more people to support sporting activities, promote the full development of sport and physical education in schools at all levels and enable our students to be healthier and more energetic.
To shine a light on these grassroots individuals and organizations who are quietly making a difference in school sports, the stories of all the award winners will be shared on the official Facebook page of the Ministry of Education Sports Administration School Sports Beacon of Excellence Award ceremony (