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The Creativity of the Students of the Republic of China (R.O.C. Taiwan) Shines Brightly at the “2023 International Design Competition” by Ministry of Education (MOE) Award Ceremony and Achievement Presentation


The 2023 award ceremony and achievement presentation for the“2023 International Design Competition” by MOE (abbreviated as “International Design Competition” or “IDC”) will be held on 22 December. This year, a total of 203 entries were reviewed, earning a total of 5 “Gold awards”, 3 “Silver awards”, 11 “Bronze awards”, and 184 “Outstanding Awards or Awards Finalists”. This remarkable performance by students was highly praised by the international community. At the same time, a ceremony will invite many outstanding new designers who will be present to share their ideas and interact with the public.
IDC comprises a total of 59 international competitions, with awards divided into seven categories: “General Design”, “Product Design”, “Visual Communication Design”, “Digital Animation”, “Craft Design”, “Architecture and Landscape Design”, and “Fashion Design”. Since its inception in 2006, the number of participating schools has grown to 61, and the number of award-winning entries has reached 1,746.
The winners of the 2023 Awards in each category are summarized below:
Product Design – The work “RE Breath” was created by Chou, Yueh-Ju and Sun, Yu-Chieh, students from the Department of Industrial Design, College of Fine Arts and Creative Design, Tunghai University. It is a device that helps to implement CPR. It utilizes a mask and a simple oxygen supply device to increase oxygen supply to the patient without the need for mouth-to-mouth ventilation. In conjunction with the “Check Call CABD” procedure, it provides voice guidance, airway clearing, and chest compression alignment tools to streamline the rescue process. This work also won the “International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA)” Silver award in 2023.
Visual Communication Design – The work “Laundry Clinic” was created by Chen, Yi-Ling; Chen, Pin-Ling; He, Xin-Rong; and Chen, Hong-Jie from the Department of Visual Communication Design, College of Design, Ling Tung University. Inspired by the concept of daily clothes laundering, this work guides students to explore the five major methods of doing laundry in Taiwan (traditional, self-service, chain, factory, and supermarket delivery). It simplifies the knowledge and procedures of daily laundering through touch experimentation, reminding the public to cherish the health of their clothes and integrate laundry into their daily lives as a foundation for sustainable fashion and environmental protection. This work also won the “Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design” Junior Prize in 2022.

Digital Animation – “The Windy Day-Opening” is a work by Hsu, Shih-Chien and Xie, Zong-Yi, students from the Master of Design Program, College of Design, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. It tells the story of a group of children flying kites on a windy afternoon. Faced with the conflicts of loss and the passage of time, the children progress from denial and arguing with each other to seeing loss, and then discovering new horizons to face in the next stage of their lives. This work also won the “New York Art Directors Club Annual Awards” Gold Cube Prize in 2023.
Architecture and Landscape Design – “Sound Café” is a project created by Chin, Chien-Hao, a student in the Master of Interior Design Program, School of Design, Chung Yuan Christian University. Based on the old Japanese-style staff dormitory of Chung Yuan Christian University, this work combines a café with a recording studio and an old walled building. It incorporates the surrounding roads, gardens, and ancient, towering trees to create a space where visitors can sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the sounds of nature and various man-made sounds, as well as the aroma of coffee. This work also won the “Architecture MasterPrize (AMP)” New Discovery of the Year in 2022.
Fashion Design – “Urban Refugees” is a series of works created by Liang, Zong-Lin, a student from the Department of Fashion Design, College of Design, Shih Chien University. Inspired by the concept of “the city”, it introduces the city as a place to pursue one’s dreams. Countless people come to the city with big dreams, but under the harsh test of reality, their dreams gradually fade away and survival becomes a heavy burden, ultimately turning them into refugees trapped in the city. This series expresses ideological observations about the surrounding environment while empathizing with the plight of people struggling to survive in urban areas. This work also won the “iD International Emerging Designer Awards” Otago Polytechnic in 2023.
The full list of winners has been published on the official IDC website, at