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Sports Administration assists local government improve professional baseball venue facilities for a safe and premium game watching experience

Taipei Dome officially welcomed the Asian Baseball Championship on December 3. The SA is happy to see the overall upgrading of international sports competitions.

To assist local governments improve sports venue facilities, the Sports Administration (SA) proposed the “Plan for Improving the National Sports and Games Environment”, which was approved and implemented by the Executive Yuan on November 3, 2023; the Plan specifically includes “improving professional baseball venue facilities”, a subject of concern to the Taiwanese people, as a key objective and allocates a budget for next year (2024). This budget will assist local governments in upgrading major professional baseball venues, such as Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium, Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City, and Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. It will also facilitate improvements to related facilities at the Asia-Pacific International Baseball Stadium in Tainan. The goals of upgrading these venues are to create a safe and high-quality competitive environment for players while enhancing the overall viewing experience for fans.
This “Plan to Improve Professional Baseball Stadium Facilities project originated from the fact that chairman Tsai Chi-chang of the Chinese Professional Baseball League repeatedly stated that the Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium has been in poor condition and asked the SA to help improve the stadium. The president, vice president and related ministries all provided strong support and assistance in the process.
The project will target venues such as Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium, Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium, Asia-Pacific International Baseball Stadium and Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium. Improvement will be carried out according to the needs expressed by various local governments, mainly including “field lighting” and “turf improvement”, “site drainage and sprinkler system”, “outfield stand seating floors and seats” and “player lounge and stand restrooms”. These enhancements will cater to both the needs of players and the overall fan viewing experience. On June 7 and November 24, 2023, on-site inspections of Rakuten Taoyuan Baseball Stadium and Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium were conducted to confirm the current situation.
Director-General of the SA Cheng Shih-chung said that safe and high-quality competition venues and spectating environments are indispensable for the development of professional sports. He hopes that through this project, the SA can collaborate with local governments and professional teams to enhance professional baseball venues. This initiative aims to ensure the safety of players while offering upgraded baseball stadiums for an enhanced viewing experience. It will also boost Taiwan's professional baseball industry and attract more international baseball competitions.