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Registration opens for the World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City on February 17

The World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City invites sports enthusiasts worldwide, as well as domestic participants, to sign up and enjoy an early bird registration discount

The World Masters Games 2025 Taipei & New Taipei City (WMG2025) is co-organized by Taipei City Government and New Taipei City Government. It will be held from May 17th to 30th, 2025. A total of 68 venues in six counties and cities including Taipei and New Taipei cities, Yilan County, Taoyuan City, and Hsinchu County and City will hold a total of 35 sports competitions (nine of which include Parasports). Registration is scheduled to officially open at 2 p.m. on February 17 this year. People from all over the world who are over 30 years old and who love sports are invited to sign up for the event.
The Taipei City Government's Department of Sports stated that the World Masters Games promotes "lifelong sports" and "sports for all." This global event provides an opportunity for young, middle-aged and senior sports enthusiasts to engage in international competition by registering without undergoing a selection process to participate in the WMG2025. Athletes aged 30 and above can register individually or collaborate with both local and international participants to form teams. Registration discounts are offered to Taiwanese citizens and foreign residents in Taiwan. Registration fees vary for participants holding ROC documentation (holders of an ROC passport, ROC ID card, National Health Insurance card, or ARC). Athletes, team officials, and supporters with ROC documentation are charged NT$3,600, NT$1,800, and NT$1,800, respectively. For foreign passport holders, registration fees differ. Athletes, team officials, and supporters are charged NT$7,500, NT$3,600, and NT$3,600, respectively. Additionally, supporters under 12 years old and assistants of para-athletes are admitted free of charge.
Additionally, the organizing committee (OC) offers a two-stage early bird registration. From February 17 to April 17, 2024, there is a 30% discount on the registration fee, followed by a 20% discount from April 18 to September 17. Athletes who are interested are encouraged to register early and train independently.
The International Masters Games Association (IMGA) hosts the World Masters Games, which has occurred every four years since its inception in 1985. It is a large-scale international event that integrates sport tourism. The WMG2025 highlights Taiwan's natural ecology, culture, history, distinctive food and local culture. 30 self-guided tour and 30 group tour itineraries are planned. Online sales of tour itineraries are expected to launch on registration day, allowing participants to explore city attractions and experience Taiwan's scenery during the event.
The Sports Administration stated that this is the first time that the World Masters Games are being held in Asia. The WMG2025 extends its invitation to sports enthusiasts worldwide as well as domestic participants aged 30 and above, offering them the chance to forge friendships with athletes from across the globe through sports. For details and registration, visit the official website: