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2024 Sport Event Taiwan Workshop Launch Forum kicks off on February 27

The theme, International Sport Event & City Branding, was announced, officially kicking off this year's Workshop series

The Sports Administration (SA) will host 5 international forums in 2024 to enhance domestic event organizers' capabilities and foster event branding. They will also invite foreign speakers to Taiwan to share insights and connect with local distinctive international sports events. The first forum on February 27 included a launch ceremony for various activities, with participation from local governments, organizers, experts, and sports-related units. The theme, " International Sport Event X City Branding", was announced, officially kicking off this year's Workshop series. The goal is to develop branded international sports events showcasing Taiwan's uniqueness through closer event-city cooperation.
Since 2021, the SA has organized the "Sport Event Taiwan Workshop”, enhancing international links, promoting benchmark learning, and facilitating exchanges between international event organizers. This initiative improves the handling of international sports events in Taiwan and enhances the promotion of approximately one hundred international competitions guided by the SA annually. In doing so, it promotes the transformation and development of sports events, raising their international profile.
The forum featured speakers from international partners such as Finland, Canada, Thailand, and South Korea, as well as guests including the official representative of Malaysia in Taiwan and representatives from the APEC Secretariat and 12 economies. Under the main theme of "International Sport Event X City Branding”, Perttu Pesä, President of the International Association of Event Hosts (IAEH) and director of Major Events in the City of Tampere, discussed the European Masters Games in Tampere. Lance Macdonald, a committee member of the International Children’s Games (ICG), offered valuable insights into youth events and local characteristics. Charlie Jung, Deputy Secretary-General of the Thai Mass Participation Sports Trade Association (TMPSA), shared experiences from the Laguna Phuket International Marathon. Sung Cul Lee, Direct of the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation (KSPO), discussed the unique approach of Korean cities to developing their sports event image. By presenting actual cases and implementing suggestions from various parties, the forum endeavors to effectively advance the branding of sports events and achieve enduring advantages through mutually beneficial collaboration between sports events and cities.
Deputy Director-General of the SA, Hung Chih-chang, stated in his speech that this year's theme is "International Sport Event X City Branding". The objective is to assist event organizers in comprehending international trends through international forums and strengthening integration with local governments. By leveraging international events, the goal is to shape the city's image and establish brand characteristics, allowing people worldwide to experience Taiwan's unique local culture through sports events. This initiative aims to promote Taiwan and enhance the international visibility of its events and cities.
In addition to hosting a series of international forums, the "Sport Event Taiwan Workshop" will also organize the 3rd "Fun Sports Hackathon Competition" this year. Both local and international students will be invited to participate, collaborating with sports event units and sports innovation teams. By utilizing concepts such as technology applications and local connections, they will present creative proposals to explore the boundless potential of sports events in Taiwan. For more Workshop details, visit the “Fun Sports in Taiwan” YouTube channel or the “Optimizing International Sports Exchange Zone” under the International and Cross-Strait Sports Division on the SA official website.