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Sports Administration holds the 2024 Baseball Stadium and Field Maintenance and Management Seminar

Venue of the 2024 Baseball Stadium and Field Maintenance and Management Seminar

To enhance the capability of maintenance and management personnel of baseball stadium and fields at all levels throughout Taiwan, the Sports Administration (SA) has commissioned the National Taiwan University of Sport to organize two seminars focused on baseball stadium and field maintenance and management. Personnel responsible for the operation, handling, and management of baseball stadiums and school baseball facilities at every level are expected to participate. The first seminar is scheduled to take place at the Sanchong Baseball Stadium in New Taipei City on March 8th. The goal is to enhance understanding of mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance within baseball venues through shared insights into common issues and on-site visits. This initiative aims to improve professional knowledge related to site maintenance and to foster opportunities for experience sharing and interaction among management and supervisory staff.
Effective maintenance and management of baseball stadiums and fields are essential for their longevity, personnel safety, and the smooth conduct of games. Specifically, maintaining mechanical and electrical equipment requires specialized expertise. Although most maintenance tasks at stadiums and fields are handled by outsourcing suppliers, it is crucial for venue staff to oversee operations and verify whether suppliers fulfill their daily tasks—an essential competency for all on-site personnel.
The focus of the first seminar will be on maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment in baseball stadiums and fields, as well as addressing common issues associated with such equipment. Professional lecturers will share their expert knowledge and conduct onsite case studies at the stadium. The goal is to enhance the familiarity of management and supervisory personnel from each baseball venue with the typical challenges encountered in maintaining electrical and mechanical systems.
The seminar will present the findings from baseball stadium and field surveys, highlight common issues in mechanical and electrical maintenance, and outline response strategies. The morning session will cover topics such as lighting systems, power contract capacities, and essential practices for first and second-level mechanical and electrical maintenance. The afternoon session will feature an onsite visit to Sanchong Baseball Stadium, allowing participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of the morning's topics and their practical applications. A discussion session will enable management and supervisory personnel from various regions to exchange ideas and strategies, thereby collectively enhancing the standard of baseball stadium and field maintenance and management.
The SA stated that baseball is among the most popular sports in Taiwan and emphasized that managing stadium and field facilities is crucial for their smooth operation. The seminar aims to be a platform for exchange and sharing among baseball venue management and supervisory staff, enhancing their professional knowledge and the quality of the venues. This, in turn, is expected to provide players and fans with a superior environment for playing and spectating.