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Sports Administration's Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields: 5-Year Success in SDG Implementation

The construction of a Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Field can effectively reduce the discomfort caused by high temperatures during exercise and raise the level of safety and quality of sports

  To address the shortage of indoor sports facilities in some schools while enhancing the utilization of renewable energy and advancing sustainable development, the Sports Administration (SA) has initiated the "Expansion of Installation of Solar Shade Superstructure All-weather Sports Fields Plan" since 2018. By February 2024, a total of 297 Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields have been installed in high school and lower-level schools across Taiwan, with a combined installed capacity exceeding 100MW. This year, collaborative leasing through tender processes has been implemented in regions with smaller schools, expanding the scope of electricity sales agreements. The establishment of Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields not only enhances the sports experience but also aligns with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By integrating health, energy, education, and climate action initiatives, this initiative contributes significantly to Taiwan's green energy efforts.

The SA held the "Announcement of the Results of the Installation of Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields in Schools" press conference last year, inviting teachers and students of schools that have achieved good results in the installation of Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields to share the construction process, user experience  and demonstrate the results. Teachers and students at the press conference said that the Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields can not only protect the users from the scorching sun or rainy days and extend the exercise time, but also can be used as teaching material for green energy environmental education by observing the power generation and operation of Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields.

To aid schools facing challenges in leasing through tender processes, the SA has devised plans to conduct two regional joint lease by tender cases aimed at installing solar photovoltaic power generation equipment for schools under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education in Yilan and Taitung this year (2024). Qualified suppliers are encouraged to participate in constructing high-quality sports environments for schools. For detailed requirements, please visit the official website of the SA ( or the lease by tender section of the Industrial Technology Research Institute-Solar Photovoltaic service window for the latest updates.  

The SA acknowledges the global trend towards promoting 100% renewable energy (RE100) in alignment with the SDGs. As part of this initiative, electricity sales subjects will now include other renewable energy companies in addition to Taipower. By expanding options for purchasing green electricity, small-scale projects aim to enhance enterprise flexibility and facilitate increased adoption of renewable energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Moving forward, the SA will continue guiding city and county governments and schools in establishing Solar Shade Superstructure Sports Fields to enhance campus sports facilities, improve equipment, and promote sports safety and quality. Together, we aim to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.