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On the 515 International Day of Families the Ministry of Education encourages the public to explore new dimensions of the family


As part of the celebrations for the United Nations’ International Day of Families, the Ministry of Education (MOE) held a press conference for the 515 International Day of Families at the International Conference Center of National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) this morning.

In response to global trends, such as technological development and climate change, as well as the aging of Taiwan’s society, the types of families and different generations’ perspectives of families are becoming more and more diversified. Therefore, the MOE is focusing on providing timely and appropriate family education resources to families of different types and to individuals from different generations of families in order to guide people to explore new dimensions of interaction with their families through the services provided by the family education centers.

In addition, the MOE organized an online poll on “Intergenerational Interaction Issues” in April this year to find out the intergenerational education issues of concern for three different generations: young, middle-aged, and elderly. The results of the poll were revealed at this press conference, where the issues that people were most concerned about would be included in the Intergenerational Education Learning Handbook.