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Indian recipients of Taiwan Scholarships inspire State Government to organize a South Asian Education Conclave


Taiwan was invited to participate in the first South Asian Education Conclave conducted by the Tamil Nadu State Government on February 6, 2024 at Anna Centenary Library, in Chennai, India. The two officials from the Tamil Nadu State Government who flew to New Delhi to invite Peters Chen, the Director of the Education Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center in India, to participate, they told him that this conclave was inspired by two girls from Tamil Nadu who were awarded Taiwan Scholarships and are now studying in Taiwan. 
Avalsindu G Jeyalakshmi is taking an undergraduate program on international business at Ming Chuan University, and Jayashree Perumal is taking an undergraduate program on mechanical engineering at Kun Shan University. They both sent videos of their life as students on campuses in Taiwan back to their former principals and teachers who brought them to the attention of  the State Government. Seeing how happy they are, enjoying a great learning experience, the State Government decided to organize the conclave to speed up internationalization in government schools in Tamil Nadu and to introduce higher education opportunities abroad to government school students. Diplomatic officials from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore were also invited to participate in the South Asian Education Conclave to brief students and local school officials about the possibilities and scholarships available to study in a wide range of educational institutions overseas.
In his opening remarks for the conclave, Minister of School Education, Tamil Nadu, Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi said that in 2023, 274 government school students from Tamil Nadu State went into higher education institutions in Taiwan including the two high school girls who were awarded the Taiwan Scholarships. He encouraged students and teachers to take full advantage of the opportunities for further studying abroad. Education Division Director Peters Chen, said afterwards, “Many government schools in Tamil Nadu lack the resources and infrastructure to provide students with details of courses and awareness of global educational opportunities and standards, so we were very glad to provide more Study in Taiwan information to potential students.”