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The 2012 Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum

The 2012 Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum
In March 19 and 20 of 2012, “The Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum was held at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

It was an honor to invite Dr. Wichit Srisaan, the former Minister of Education of Thailand and more than 300 experienced leaders, administrators, and guests from Thailand attending this year’s forum.

The outcomes from this forum are fruitful. In the future, the relationship between Thailand and Taiwan will be further strengthened through exchanges and cooperation in the fields of engineering, information technology, management, healthcare and design.

For example, Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, the CEO of Amata Corporation, is a distinguished alumnus from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Taiwan University. His contributions have had a significance influence in Thailand’s economic and political development.

To date, Taiwan and Thailand have signed 360 inter-university agreements, which include teacher and student exchanges.

There are 405 Thai students in Taiwan pursuing their degrees, 433 studying in language programs, 55 in the exchange programs for grand total of 903. This is encouraging.

After two days of discussions, this forum has been a success based on three results: First, consensus has been reached in a number of important areas during the forum. Second, discussions and interactions between two countries have strengthened and moved us forward, especially, in the area of engineering, information technology, management, healthcare, design, and other fields. Third, the education officials in both Taiwan and Thailand agree to interact even more closely in the future to achieve concrete results in all these areas of consensus.

In closing, the Political Deputy Minister Lin, Tsong-ming, were also pleased to announce that “The Third Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education forum” will be held at Sripatom University in Bangkok. This coming forum will continuing establishes a firm foundation for the future development of collaboration and interaction in higher education between Taiwan and Thailand.