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Dialogue between Electronics and Humanity - A Bright Future

Dialogue between Electronics and Humanity - A Bright Future
The Department of Technological and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education held a press conference on "Dialogue between Electronics and Humanity, A Bright Future" on the 7th of May, 2006 (Monday). During the press conference, the "Network Telecom Bureau of the National Taipei University of Technology" crated by that university and the "Study on the Parallel Systems between Green Energy and City Power" by the China Institute of Technology were presented.

The "Network Telecom Bureau of NTUT" by Professor Hwang Shau Hwa of the Department of the Electronics had entered into a cooperative venture with the Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government. The project will establish a telephone network connecting the 449 neighborhood ("li" in Chinese) offices in Taipei City and the global telecom network of the Tze Chi Buddhist Foundation.
Professors Hsieh Tsong Hwang and Lee Kwen Yu of the China Institute of Technology, said that their "Study on the Parallel Systems between Green Energy and City Power" was focused on the development of technology for power generation from green energy to alleviate the problem of energy shortage and air pollution.

Prof. Liang Chi Yin from the Wu Fung Institute of Technology displayed his "Smart Electric Bicycle," that made use of a programmable system on chip (PSoC) on the control panel that displayed speed and battery usage status.

Prof. Wong Wei Hsiao from the Yulin University of Science and Technology, demonstrated his "High-efficiency and Multi-axis Motion Control Platform ." The device made use of motion control and planning elements of coordinate measuring machines (CMM) vessel monitoring systems (VMS).

Prof. Se Jung Chi from the Shu Zen College of Medicine and Management, displayed his "Taiwanese speaking computer." Enter a Big5 Chinese character and the computer reads it out in Taiwanese in either southern or northern Taiwanese accent.

The "Mother and Child with Down's Syndrome" cake developed by the National Kaohsiung Hospital College was also presented. This culinary creation was a joint project between the college and the Bakery for the Down's Syndrome Child.

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