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Universities and Colleges of Technology "Digital Value-Added Service" Research Achievements Press Conference

Universities and Colleges of Technology "Digital Value-Added Service" Research Achievements Press Conference
The Ministry of Education held the "Universities and Colleges of Technology Digital Value-Added Service Research Achievements Press Conference" on Tuesday, June 5th, 2007. At the press conference, five universities and colleges of technology that have exhibited outstanding research-and-development performance in the field of digital media and cultural design were asked to demonstrate their brilliant achievements.

China University of Technology reported their hidden wood materials strengthening technologies, which utilized the combination of high strength stiffeners and epoxy resin to improve the structural strength and tenacity of wood materials. This technology, when used to repair the superstructure of ancient architecture, can preserve the original appearance of wood structures.

In addition, China University of Technology used RIEGL LMS-Z420i 3D laser scanner in conjunction with single-lens digital reflex cameras with a 1000m range to measure, draw and establish digital files for monitoring ancient architectures, geotechnical engineering, urban landscapes, riverbank slopes and building structures.

Lunghwa University of Science and Technology utilized 3D scanning technology of real human faces to produce personal digital dolls. They employed Soul Keeper, a 3D shooting video game, on a background of Taiwan one hundred years in future.

Kun Shan University reported their application technology of image acquisition and video and audio output. This technology is planned to be use by students of technology schools in their hair-cutting practice. Through "3D images," the basic principles of hairstyle space information can be presented with multiple dimensions. It is hoped that students can use this technology to learn more about hairstyle issues.

Shu-Te University developed the "Hand-Held Mobile Devices- AR Guiding System of Urban Areas." Their devices employed 3D route maps of surrounding MRT lines and groundwater tubes constructions in Taipei Shinyi Planning Area. In future, the system will be expanded for use in 3D urban buildings maps and for presentation of real-time information about 3D commercial areas. Tainan University of Technology, through the integration of video and audio production, art and science, are actively promoting music album production, multi-media video and audio exhibits and cooperation between industry and academia.

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