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Teachers look to foster creativity with Intel technology

Teachers look to foster creativity with Intel technology
The Ministry of Education, Intel Taiwan and the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) announced on June 23rd that they will jointly organize a teacher-training program using materials of Intel's Teach Thinking with Technology. The program aims to promote creative thinking among Taiwan's educators. NTNU is responsible for the program implementation.

The program provides teachers with free interactive on-line tools to build project-based learning models into school curriculums. The models are expected to help students develop their capacities for logical thinking, problem solving and decision-making. The United States, Australia, Korea, and India have implemented the same program.

The teacher-training program's trial period started on July 1st 2007 and will end on December 31st 2008. After going through this trial period, program participants, called Seeded Teachers, will propose two sets of teaching material that apply the Intel technology and present them to an evaluation committee. After receiving a certificate for a proposal chosen by the committee, the qualified teacher will use that teaching material for a semester and train other teachers during workshops to be organized by education bureaus in cities and counties.

More than 4 million elementary and high school teachers have participated in Intel's Teach Thinking with Technology program in which the company had invested billions of dollars.

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