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Awards Ceremony of the 12th National Forum and 52nd Academic Awards

Awards Ceremony of the 12th National Forum and 52nd Academic Awards
The Ministry of Education (MOE) on December 19, held an awards ceremony for the 12th National Forum Hosts and the 52nd Academic Awards. President Ma Ying-jeou and Minister of Education Cheng were present as a mark of respect for the occasion.

In his speech, President Ma encouraged the winners to spread their wisdom and knowledge and help the younger generation so that knowledge could reach every corner of society. He also urged them to promote academic applications in order to lay the foundation for sustainable research and share with our foreign friends our pride in our achievements so as to win more recognition of the "Taiwan experience".

In his address, Minister Cheng noted that the National Forum and Academic Awards serve as an important indicator of academic achievement. As well as commending the winners' academic achievements and contributions, the awards are aimed at encouraging more young people to devote themselves to academic research to help improve society.

This year 10 persons were named as National Forum Hosts. They were: Social Science Category: Prof. Liang Ting-peng of National Sun Yat-sen University and Prof. Hwang Hong of National Taiwan University ; Mathematics and Natural Science Category: Profs. Chou Pi-tai, Chen Chiun-chuan and Chung Sun-lin of National Taiwan University; Biology & Medical and Farming Sciences Category: Prof. Carton Chen of National Yang-Ming University and Prof. Lo Chu-fang of National Taiwan University; Engineering and Applied Science Category: Prof. Pei Soo-chang of National Taiwan University, Prof. Chou Tse-chuan of Tatung University and Prof. Chen Wen-hua of National Tsing Hua University. Profs. Liang, Carton Chen and Pei were named National Forum Hosts for a second time and became permanent honorary hosts.

Twelve persons won the 52nd Academic Awards. They were: Humanities and Arts Category: Prof. Tseng Yong-yih of Shih Hsin University and Prof. Hsieh Ming-liang of National Taiwan University; Social Science Category: Prof. Eric Wang of National Central University and Prof. Liu Jin-tan of National Taiwan University; Mathematics and Natural Science Category: Research Fellow Chang Huan-cheng of Academia Sinica, Prof. Chang Jenn-hwa of National Taiwan University and Research Fellow Sungkit Yip of Academia Sinica; Biology & Medical and Farming Sciences Category: Research Fellow Henry Sun of Academia Sinica and Prof. Kuo Min-liang of National Taiwan University; Engineering and Applied Science Category: Prof. Hsu Chain-shu of National Chiao Tung University, Prof. Chen Bor-sen of National Tsing Hua University and Prof. Keh Huan-jang of National Taiwan University. Younger candidates have been winning more awards in recent years, an indication of Taiwan 's promising academic research prospects.

The National Forum and Academic Awards were introduced to encourage academic research, raise research standards and help universities develop areas of expertise. The awards fall into five categories - Humanities and Arts, Social Science, Mathematics and Natural Science, Biology & Medical and Farming Sciences, and Engineering and Applied Science. Awards of the first two categories are presented to two persons at the most each year, while awards of the other three categories to three persons at the most.

The National Forum awards are awarded every year and each award lasts for a period of three years. Apart from the resources provided by universities to forum hosts, the MOE each year presents NT$1 million to the hosts (one half million as cash prize and the other half million as research funding). Winners of Academic Awards are presented with an honorary certificate and a NT$600,000 cash prize.

A short film was shown at the awards ceremony to introduce the winners and their achievements. Prof. Lo Chu-fang, this year's only female National Forum Host, and Prof. Chang Jenn-hwa, winner of an Academic Award, each delivered a speech on behalf of all winners. Families, friends and students of the winners were also present at the ceremony.

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