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The Train of Picture Books Takes All of Us to the World of Art

The Train of Picture Books Takes All of Us to the World of Art
Picture books are the medium through which children learn about the world fastest and in the earliest stage of their childhood. With picture books, children's imaginations can be harnessed and their esthetic disposition cultivated. The Traveling Exhibition of World Picture Book Illustrations was held jointly by the Department of Social Education and the Aaeon Foundation across Taiwan and was well received.

Cheng Ming-jin, consultant for the event and veteran art educator, notes the chief value of exhibitions of picture book illustrations is to cultivate children's ability to observe objects. When standing in front of an illustration, a child can look at it closely, carefully and see the details that others overlook. A child can also look at it from a distance to see the painting's layout and arrangement of colors. One can flip through the pages to see what a book is about. There are so many ways to look at things and approach books. There are a variety of ways to train children to become readers with unique judgment. A child with unique judgment can definitely see something interesting in things that others consider ordinary. Possession of unique judgment is beneficial to enriching one's mind and augments imagination and creativity.

This event was first held in 2007 with picture book illustrations being the theme. Five publishers including the Council for Cultural Affairs, Grimm Press, Bookstart, Children's Publications Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Mac Educational Co., Ltd. have participated in the event by authorizing use of their picture books. Through the event, it is hoped to encourage the public to appreciate artwork, read more and discover the beauty of picture books.

e-Teaching Materials

In addition to displaying picture book illustrations, with picture books being the theme the event organizers invited primary schoolteachers and college volunteers majoring in information technology to jointly prepare digital teaching materials.As well as increasing students' motivation, the union of digital teaching materials with picture books enables teachers to teach in a wide range of ways whilst using picture books to encourage students' interest.

Art appreciation education is an educational subject that has drawn much attention from all circles. The Ministry hopes to raise the public's ability to appreciate art through the event. Huang Hui-mei, chief executive of the Aaeon Foundation, visited every exhibition venue across Taiwan during the event. She thinks each exhibition has sown the seeds of culture and art in the minds of the public. The Foundation will continue working with the Ministry to sow the seeds of beauty in schools and libraries across the country in an effort to nurture the public's ability to appreciate art.

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