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2004 International Computer Symposium


Dr. Lu Mu-lin

Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education 

It is a pleasure to have this opportunity, on behalf of the Ministry of Education and this year's International Computer Symposium's Program Committee, to welcome you to Taiwan and to this year's symposium.  

I would like to take a moment and express my sincere appreciation to the following organizations for their steadfast efforts in organizing this year's symposium. 

1.     The Computer Center of the Ministry of Education

2.     The National Science Council, Taiwan

3.     The Computer Society of the Republic of China

4.     The organizing committees' of Professor Yo-Ping Huang 

his colleagues and staff, at Tatung University, and to all the participants, who have given up their valuable time, in order to be here with us, today. 

Rapid and innovative technological changes are occurring, simultaneously, each minute, all over our globe. Computer technology has transformed our lives. Thus, it is of great importance that we strive to cultivate open and cooperative international atmospheres, for the exchange of relevant advances in computer and computer technologies, with one another.

Therefore, this year's symposium is timely. It presents an opportunity to listen, learn and exchange up-to-date research and information from some of the world's leading experts. We will have opportunities to acquire research findings in the areas of:

1.     E-learning and Digital Content,

2.     Web Services,

3.     Mobile Computing,

4.     Bio-informatics,

5.     Information Security,

6.     Network and Ipv6,

7.     Open Source,

8.     Artificial Intelligence, 

to name a few. I will be very interested in learning, through the proceedings of this symposium, the findings of your research and contributions, for they are of great significance, especially to Taiwan. 

In closing, I would like to wish all the participants and the International Computer Symposium much success. 

Thank you.