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Luncheon Address to Welcome Professor Dr. Alfred Ebenbauer (Rector, University of Vienna)


Dr. Mu-lin Lu
Vice-Minister of Education

Good Afternoon.

It is a pleasure to have these few moments, on the behalf of Minister TU and the Ministry of Education, to express our warm and sincere greetings of welcome to Professor Dr. Alfred Ebenbauer, Rector of the University of Vienna.

Dr. Ebenbauer, your visit to Taiwan is a timely one. As you know, we are actively involved in bringing to our society, educational opportunities, which will allow us to develop and maintain a practical and successful learning environment for all our citizens. One important component of our work is to create a solid foundation for establishing avenues for international educational exchange and cooperation.

Since we share common goals and visions, it is our hope that we will have many more opportunities, in the future, to work with experts, scholars, teachers and students from your university.

In the meantime, we are very happy that you are here with us. Your visit is an important one and we are certain that your thoughts and suggestions will produce a fruitful harvest for both our societies.

Thank you.