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The 45 General Assembly Meeting of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement


Minister Tu Cheng-sheng

Ministry of Education 

Good evening, 

This occasion offers me an unique and special opportunity to express a warm welcome, on the behalf of the Ministry of Education, to Dr. Alejandro Tiana, Chair of IEA, the members of this General Assembly, the IEA officers, international coordinators, chairs, honorary and individual members, observers and special guests. I would also like to express recognition and appreciation to Dr. Lin Foy-Lai for his outstanding assistance and contributions, which led to Chinese-Taipei's opportunity to host this 45th General Assembly Meeting of IEA and to the National Science Council, our Ministry of Education, the Taipei City government and to the organizers from the National Taiwan Normal University. 

The process of development for education internationally, calls us to answer the challenges brought on by globalization, new technologies and the current age of IT. As a result, we have had to focus on developing and updating our approaches to education, in order to make our educational systems more effective, flexible and dynamic.  

An important part of the process of development for education internationally is to have opportunities to share our major accomplishments, research, assessments and outcomes, current challenges and ideas with each other, in order to strengthen cooperation with each other and other international organizations.  

Since Chinese Taipei formally became associated with IEA, in 1992, through its affiliation with the National Science Council, as a member institution, we have been able to utilize many survey and research instruments provided by IEA. Ministry of Education and National Science Council sponsored researchers from Taiwan have also been able to participated in many important TIMSS, SITES, TEDS and PIRLS projects, as well. 

The Ministry of Education is continually striving to improve all areas of education, under its jurisdiction. We feel that each and every one of our citizens deserves the right to be successful. Much progress has been made in the areas of science and mathematics. For example, during the "Third International Mathematics and Science Study-Repeat (TIMSS-R)", held by IEA, students from Taiwan received an average of first grade in science and third grade in math. However, we cannot afford to stand still. We are constantly assessing and documenting the results of our efforts. 

Chinese Taipei will continue to actively participate in the projects of IEA. It hopes that its contributions will further support the development of a worldwide community of researchers in educational evaluation. 

In closing, I would like to wish this 45th IEA General Assembly much success as it undertakes to fulfill a rigorous and noteworthy mission. 

Thank you.