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2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart- Pavilion of the Ministry of Education

2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart- Pavilion of the Ministry of Education
This year's "2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart- Pavilion of the Ministry of Education" will be held grandly from September 20 (Thu) to September 23 (Sun) at Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1 Area D, and the Ministry of Education integrates tens of Technological and Vocational Colleges and Universities to demonstrate the most outstanding inventions and technologies, which have benefit the public, to the national and transfer them to the international. Education Ministry, the host unit indicated, the spirit of Invention Show & Technomart is to encourage the teachers in the technological and vocational colleges and universities to play a role as the mentor in guiding students’ potential in invention so as to promote the atmosphere in research and innovation. As a result, the active thoughts may go through continuous creation, trial, failure, and problem solution to agitate more creative and innovative power to make our life better.

This year the Ministry of Education selected 40 pieces of excellent work from a total of 17 schools that participated in an exhibition for vocational schools nationwide. The creativity and invention of every single piece of work matches the theme of the exhibition held by the Ministry of Education this year: Birth of Creation Lights Up - Creativity PLAY, unlimited surprises. This represents the never ending birth of creativity of Taiwanese youths. Every good idea can shine and spark unlimited surprises, making life smarter and leading Taiwan to shine on the stage of the International Invention Exhibition.

"2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart- Pavilion of the Ministry of Education" takes "Birth of Creation Lights Up" as a theme to fully integrate into the venue layout of the event and to show three major regions of intelligent life, environmental protection and energy saving and healthcare. We expect to enhance life quality and convenience through creative invention, new technology and worldwide communication. And among which, the work of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology for intelligent life theme- "Inflatable Suitcase will expand due to internal inflation, making the hard case elastic. Also, when it is crashed or pressed, the internal inflation layer will buffer most of the pressure. As for the hard case, it can protect the soft internal inflation layer from being scratched by something sharp. It will be a useful tool on road trips because of the inflation layers covering and fixing traveling kits inside the luggage case. The other work of Ming Hsin University of Science and Technology- "Automatic Violin Player" can perform well-known songs like " The Moon Represents My Heart " and "Canon "when instructed by computers and it is invited to the opening ceremony this time, showing research results of Technical and vocational teachers and students to our compatriots. The event will be highly expected.

The piece of National Taipei University of Technology for Environmental Protection and Energy Saving theme- "Solar Tracking Skylight System for Illumination" uses solar panels, by its energy changing and saving system, to store energy for the battery output of the system. Therefore it needs no outer power for indoor lighting and the system, which can collect natural light indoors during the daytime where usually has a bad lighting, reduce probabilities of indoors lights, and makes energy saving, carbon reductive, and energy-protecting green-energy technical product. And the work of National Pingtung University of Science and Technology- ‘Programmable self-tuned multi-loop LED plant grow lights module" develops a software interface providing automatic light source modulation technique, which can do different colors of light adjustment according to the plant growth conditions recorded in the expert system database, and make plant genetic engineering better experimental.

The piece of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology for healthcare theme- Health Purpose of Novel Method for Soil Born Mushroom Cultivation, which are going to exhibit mainly sets culture media with fungi in the container and tops a filter which consists of multilayer dense pores on the media, which is in order to prevent native mushroom mycelium from absorbing heavy metals and other hazardous materials from the covering soil during its growth process, and is conductive to production and also provides high quality raw material technique for food development. National Yunlin University of Science and Technology's work- Computer-aided colonoscopy can provide instructions and guidance to the position of cavities during the doctor's operation, which can lower the risk of difficult recognition of cavity area. This technique can also develop into a computer-aided colonoscopy navigation model system for training doctors and other operators in hospital, and by the repeated practice on the plastic colon model, operators can get familiar to the skill and process of using endoscopes and shorten the training and cultivation time.

Each piece on display this time is the created crystallization of countless creative agitations and thoughts. In the wake of the fearless bravery and bold innovation of the young, the exhibited items this year have added more features and surprises. We also expect that through these exhibits, the wise headhunters of the industry can find the appropriate talents. Furthermore, we might create more win-win values through industry-university cooperation. Accompanied with the continuing astounding ideas, enable Taiwan as the diva and magnet on the international stage.