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Japan’s MEXT visits Taiwan to observe the early introduction of English education

A group of inspectors from Japan’s MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) visit several elementary schools and junior high schools in Taipei City to observe the early introduction of English Education.
The leader of the group is NAOYAMA Yuko, Senior Specialist for Curriculum of the School Curriculum Division and International Education Division of MEXT’s Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau. The members of MEXT coming to Taiwan are YAMADA Satoshi, NAOI Keiko, WATANABE Masashi, and SATO Michiko, all of whom are responsible for English Education as municipal supervisors in Japan. Joining them in Taiwan will be Director-General Tony W. T. Lin Department of International and Cross- strait Education, Ministry of Education (MOE).

The schedule of their visit is as follows:
On February 25th
A courtesy visit to the MOE to learn about the overall structure of English Education, especially its early introduction in Taiwan’s elementary schools.
On February 26th
A visit to Penglai Elementary School(蓬莱國小)and Long Shan Junior High School (龍山國中) to observe English classes and ask a few teachers about their curriculum, ways of teaching and the development of their pupils’ English communication competence.
On February 27th
A visit to Yi-Fang Elementary School(義方國小)and Zhongxiao Junior High School(忠孝國中)
On March 1st
A visit to Ming Dao Elementary School(明道國小)
The group discusses what they have gained from their inspection of Taiwan’s schools, and consider ways in which English Education in Japan can be improved.

Cultural Division, The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Japan