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The Taiwan Young Diplomat Delegation’s Fruitful Visit to the San Francisco Bay Area

The Taiwan Young Diplomat Delegation’s Fruitful Visit to the San Francisco Bay Area
12 Taiwan students, coming from three high schools, won a rigorous competition participated by 149 Taiwan high schools. These winners, the “Taiwan Young Diplomats,” arrived in San Francisco on January 30th, 2013. It was the final stop of their 10-day overseas visit to the American west coast and Vancouver, Canada.

The “Taiwan Young Diplomat” program is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. Its purpose is to encourage high school students to pay more attention to international affairs and to sharpen their English communication skills, so that they will be able to better promote international cultural exchanges in the future.

As the 11th delegation making overseas visits, this year’s team was composed of students from Taipei Fuhsing Private School, National Wuling Senior High School and Taipei Municipal Jianguo Senior High School.

During their 3-day stay in the San Francisco Bay Area, these energetic students were welcomed by Lowell and Monta Vista High School students and invited to experience the vibrant American campus life. Students from both countries shared their perspectives on learning and a variety of current hot topics. The delegation from Taiwan also did an excellent job in representing their home country when they met local journalists and officials. In addition, to better understand two of the world’s leading institutions of higher education, they explored Stanford University and UC Berkeley. These exciting visits certainly will encourage them to pursue advanced studies abroad in the future.

This trip was an unforgettable learning experience for these Taiwan Young Diplomats. Each of them shared their thoughts and feelings on FACEBOOK every day during the trip. They all agreed that, whatever they chose as their profession in the future, they would be committed to carrying out the spirit of “diplomacy” in every possible way.