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Taiwan takes part in the International Summit on Teaching Professions (ISTP) for the first time

March 13-14, 2013 marked the third session of the ISTP Conference which took place in Amsterdam. For the first time ever, a delegation from Taiwan was invited to this important event. Taiwan delegation includes 5 members: the President of the National Teacher’s Association, Mr. Chin-Hsu Liu, Professor Hsiao-Lan Chen of the National Taiwan Normal University, and teachers Nan Yen Wu, Lee Ya-Jing and Su Yizhi.

The main topic of ISTP 2013 was ‘the teacher evaluation system’. Director of the Education Division, Mrs. Huei-wen Hsu, welcomed the delegation in Amsterdam and provided them with information regarding meeting background, as well as relevant information about Taiwan’s education system and statistical material.

President Liu and Professor Chen both shared their professional experiences with the ISTP participants and described the current professional competence and teacher evaluation development in Taiwan. The delegation felt that their participation at ISTP were definitely beneficial and hopes to share more of Taiwan’s experiences in the international arena, in the future.