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Announcement of 2013 overseas English workshops for Taiwan secondary schools’ English teachers


    The MOE has selected three groups of English teachers, including Junior High School, Senior High School, and Vocational High School, with 20 teachers per group for a total of 60 teachers, to participate in overseas English workshops for 5 weeks from July through August, 2013. The purpose was to enhance teachers' teaching abilities, expand their global vision, and eventually create a high-quality English learning environment for students in Taiwan. The Junior High School group will visit Western Washington University in the US, the Senior High School group will visit Simon Fraser University in Canada, and the Vocational High School group will visit Dublin City University in Ireland. It is expected that this exchange between Taiwan and other countries will have impact and stimulation to these teachers, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of English teaching in Taiwan.
    The main courses in this workshop are divided into 3 categories, including "effective teaching," "multiple assessment," and "remedial teaching." It will support the MOE's new "12-Year Basic Education" program which will be implemented next year (2014). Applicants must be full-time Junior High School, Senior High School, or Vocational High School English teachers in Taiwan. Application brochure, can be obtained from the following web sites:

Department Website
National Taiwan Normal University Department of English
Nationwide Teacher In-service Advancement Information Web

    The contents of this workshop were based on teachers' requests, thus providing customized courses such as revitalized English curricula and instruction methods, multiple assessments, English language ability training, teaching demonstration and cultural visits etc. It then can bring together theory and practice to enhance teachers' ability. There was a two-stage audit of the written exam and interview (including oral exam). The list of people selected and the waiting list were both announced on April 3, 2013.
    Should you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact Ms. Lori Tseng of National Taiwan Normal University Department of English, Tel: (02)7734-1791, email: