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2013 Orientation for students from Taiwan studying in Finland

The 2013 Orientation for students from Taiwan studying in Finland organized by the Education Division of Taipei Mission was held on September 25. The acting director, Mr. Frank Chen, Secretary of the Education Division, reminded Mr. Lin Hong-Da, a representative of the Taiwanese students in Finland, about the affairs the Education Division looks after. He also talked to these newly arrived students about important practical issues, for example reminding them that it’s very important for them to renew their student visas in good time. He also reminded them to pay special attention to their personal safety, also reassured them by saying that if any unexpected emergency arose they could and should contact the Mission immediately.
There are Taiwanese students studying in Finland as exchange students and as degree students, all enjoying the benefits of the academic cooperation between Finnish and Taiwanese universities. The Finnish education system enjoys an excellent reputation in the world, thus when they return to Taiwan, these Taiwanese students who have had the opportunity to study in Finland will be key persons, able to share details of their Finnish experience with their friends, colleagues, and students in Taiwan.