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Taiwanese Students at the London Design Festival 2013

Students from National Cheng Kung University recently benefitted from an opportunity to showcase their creative talents at the London Design Festival 2013, the result of an ongoing collaboration with the Royal College of Art in the United Kingdom. Seven students from the Department of Industrial Design and from the Department of Industrial and Information Management participated in a jointly-held exhibition between September 14 and September 22, 2013.

The exhibition was a culmination of the collaborative efforts of NCKU and RCA students that begun in April, during a ‘Mind the Gap’ Workshop. It featured three design projects centred around public hubs, particularly train stations.

The first project, ‘City Go Round’, allowed viewers to select a place to “visit” by pulling a lever on a machine. It combined design and engineering with culture and tourism, promoting local businesses and upcoming events, and creating bonds within the community.

For the second project, ‘Platform Impact’, images of Tainan and London uploaded onto canvases, were accompanied by sound clips recorded in each location. The displays acted as a means of contrasting the two cities, as well as experiencing a new culture in an imaginative way, or possibly seeing a familiar city with fresh eyes.

The third project, ‘KeyFrame – Tainan’, created a virtual image of Tainan. Viewers were able to explore the geography and culture of the city on a digital scroll. They could investigate the sights of Tainan, visit its night markets, and meet local people, giving an intimate personal sense of the area.

Collaborative ventures of this kind serve to demonstrate the talent and innovative thinking to be found among Taiwanese students, and build stronger academic links between Taiwan and the UK. Mr Yen-Heng Ouyang, the Director of the Education Division, expressed his admiration for the work of all of the participants in the exhibition and his hopes that Taiwanese talent will continue to be showcased at similar events in London.