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2013 Taiwan International Youth Delegation Demonstrate Taiwan’s Beauty at UC Berkeley

2013 Taiwan International Youth Delegation Demonstrate Taiwan’s Beauty at UC Berkeley
The 2013 International Youth Ambassador Delegation arrived in San Francisco to begin their one-week visit on September 1, 2013. The delegation comprised six young female students from National Taiwan University. They had been singled out by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in this delegation on the basis of their excellent English proficiency and their passionate enthusiasm about promoting Taiwan. Each delegate had put a great deal of preparation into her own area of specialized skills to ensure the delegation would give the best possible performance of Taiwan’s music, art, and dance at a range of different overseas host institutions.

On September 3, the Youth Ambassadors visited UC Berkeley where they took part in a panel discussion session and met with UCB students who were interested in learning to speak Mandarin, and about Chinese culture and Taiwan. Some of the UCB participants had just returned from a summer intensive language program in Taiwan, so there seemed to be no end of current hot topics coming up for discussion. The discussion included students from UCB and Taiwan sharing their views about the advantages and challenges of promoting Chinese education internationally in academic institutions.

After the discussion, the Youth Ambassadors spoke about the art of calligraphy and gave a demonstration. They had brought along calligraphic stationery sets and blank Chinese paper fans and all the UCB students had a lot of fun imitating brush strokes then learning how to write Chinese auspicious characters on the fans, creating unique keepsakes of a very enjoyable international interaction.

The International Youth Ambassadors also visited local government institutions, schools, and NGOs, diligently carrying out their mission of promoting Taiwan at each hosting institution. They were all deeply inspired by the experience and realized how important it is to broaden interdisciplinary knowledge and pay close attention to global issues, regardless of which major they doing in which college, and they are all keen to continue enthusiastic participation in more international activities in the future.

(photo)The International Youth Ambassador Delegation demonstrated calligraphy writing at UC Berkeley.