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Strong Taiwan participation in the Red Dot Design Award 2013 in Germany

The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. For decades now, it has provided a platform where designers can measure themselves against the top names in the industry, and this year the Red Dot Design Award received more than 16,000 applications from 70 countries. The competition comprises three categories Product Design, Design Concept, and Communication Design.

A strong contingent of students from Taiwan registered to participate in this year’s Red Dot Award: Communication Design, which is hosted annually by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. This competition is geared to all creative minds, from agencies, design offices, and freelancers to companies with strong communication campaigns. In addition to these industry-level awards, the best piece of work by a student or young professional wins the Red Dot: Junior Prize along with prize money of 10,000 euros.

A group of Taiwanese students from Asia University, Shu-Te University, Chihlee Institute of Technology, and Chung-Hua University, together with university professors and officials, travelled to Germany to attend the awards ceremony, over 20 people in all.

The group was invited for dinner at a typical German restaurant on October 16. The evening was hosted by Taiwan’s representative to Germany, Agnes Hwa-Yue Chen, and Prof. Cen-Chu Shen, the head of the educational division, also attended. Representative Chen and Prof. Shen were among the honourable guests at the Gala night of the Red Dot Design Award 2013 two days later on October 18. This was a spectacular awards ceremony in Berlin’s prestigious Konzerthaus. The ceremony was followed by the Designer’s Night which included a preview showing of an exhibition of the work of the Design on Stage category winners.

The students from Taiwan all enjoyed being able to participate in and personally experience the world-renowned Red Dot competition. They took good advantage of this marvellous opportunity to network and promote Taiwan’s profile in this field.