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Taiwan Delegation Impresses with Excellent Performance at the British Invention Show 2013

Taiwan Delegation Impresses with Excellent Performance at the British Invention Show 2013
The British Invention Show continues to be held with the support of the Intellectual Property Office of the U.K. government since 2001. This year (2013), the show was hosted by the British Inventors Society and relevant organisations at the Barbican Exhibition Centre in London from the 23rd to the 25th October.

The head of the Taiwan delegation was Kent Hsieh, Chairman of the Society of Greater Chinese Creativity-Education. The delegation consists of students from the Affiliated Experimental High School of Tung-Hai University, Li-Chih Senior High School, I-Shou University, National Formosa University, Hsiu-Ping University of Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University and representatives of E-PRO Display Cooperation and Ting Sin Metal Cooperation. Staff members from the Education Division and the Economic Division of the Taipei Representative Office also attended the event on the 24th October, expressing support and offering assistance to the delegation, while presenting their compliments to Mr. Kane Kramer, the host of the event, and to Andrew Pollard, the chief umpire.

London is one of the primary innovation centres in the world. Eighteen works by the Taiwan delegation rose above hundreds of competitors from twelve countries. Ming-Yi Ling (third-year student at the Affiliated Experimental High School of Tung-Hai University) was awarded a gold medal and crowned the Diamond Award (junior championship) winner for his work entitled ‘Unique Inspection Device for Dental Healthcare’. Another masterpiece, ‘Accessible Anti-Terrorism Detector with Hidden Lens for Car Bottom Pate’, was simultaneously granted a gold medal and the Russian Archimedes Prize. The other piece, ‘Biological Picture-Book: Steven’s Playbook’, which was invented by the Kaohsiung Li-Chih Senior High School second-year students Kuan-Ju Chen, Jiun-Cheng Chen and Cheng-Jung Dai, and co-supervised by Professor Chih-Hui Yung and Professor Keng-Shiang Huang at I-Shou University, was awarded the Double Gold.

There were even more gold medal-awarded works: ‘Invention of Positioning Device for Dental Implant’ by Taipei Medical University; ‘Portable Eye Health Inspection System’ by Hsiu-Ping University of Science and Technology; ‘Multifunction LED Photographic Illuminator’ and ‘Heat-electric Effect with Battery Lifetime Detector’ by the National Formosa University; ‘A Wonderful Eco-friendly Journey’ by I-Shou University; and ‘LED Solar Power Underground Lighting’ by E-PRO Display Cooperation. With their outstanding performance at the international invention show, the Taiwanese delegates have proven their success, unlimited creativity and potential. Furthermore, by interacting and exchanging ideas with teams from other countries, the Taiwanese delegates have shown that they have integrated themselves into the global community.

Photo: Director of the Education Division at the Taipei Representative Office, Yen-Heng Ouyang (bottom row, third from left), and Director of the Economic Division, Tsong-Guey Lee (bottom row, fourth from left) support the Taiwan delegation at the British Invention Show 2013.