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2014 Maclean’s University Rankings

Maclean’s magazine Canada recently announced their 2014 Canadian Universities Rankings, among all, universities from British Columbia performed well and reached outstanding results for the rankings. For instance, the University of British Columbia (UBC) came to 2nd place in the Medical Doctoral category for universities, coming only after McGill University.

In this annual Maclean’s University Rankings issue, the three main categories are Medical Doctoral, Comprehensive, and Primarily Undergraduate which are based on 14 different factors, including teacher student ratio, reputation to name a few.

In the Comprehensive category, the University of Victoria ranks in 1st place, Simon Fraser University in 2nd place, and the University of Waterloo at 3rd place.

The Primarily Undergraduate category, the Mount Allison University in New Brunswick was ranked as Number1 , followed by the Acadia University in Nova Scotia, and the University of Northern British Columbia and the University of Lethbridge in Alberta each ranked at 3rd place.

Maclean’s senior editor Mary Dwyer explains that the Primarily Undergraduate category’s rankings come from information provided by students, parents, and graduates of the schools,
to see whether or not they would go back to school, if such an opportunity was given to them; she also added that each university agrees that there should be an accountability system set in place for the public.