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The 3rd Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum held in Bangkok

The 3rd Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum held in Bangkok
The Office of Higher Education Commission of Thailand’s Ministry of Education hosted the 3rd Taiwan-Thailand Higher Education Forum in Bangkok on November 20. The forum was attended by 147 representatives from 73 universities in Thailand, and 84 representatives from 40 universities in Taiwan. The Ministry of Education in Taiwan and its counterpart Ministry of Education in Thailand agreed to hold such a forum annually, and take turns to host it. The first forum was launched in Thailand in 2011 and the second forum was then held in Taiwan.

Dr. Pi-twan Huang, Deputy Minister of Education in Taiwan, and Dr. Wichit Srisa-an, former Minister of Education in Thailand, both gave welcome remarks. Both praised the closer ties of educational cooperation between the two countries, and the rapid growth of the number of Thai students studying in Taiwan.

Belinda Chang, a successful Taiwanese woman in Thailand and President of the Thai-Taiwan (BDI) Technological College was invited to give a keynote speech on the topic of Cooperative Education for Industrial Needs. She shared details of her entrepreneurship, and her personal story, which included struggling before finally graduating from a prestigious university in Taiwan. She learned to maintain a never-give-up attitude, and this became the foundation for her subsequent success in business.

During the Roundtable meeting at the Forum, educational officials from Taiwan and Thailand discussed the regulations and criteria for selecting lecturers from Thai universities to receive scholarships from Taiwan to pursue studies for a doctorate or master’s degree in Taiwan. Thai educational officials also welcomed a proposal from Taiwan to arrange for Thai administrators and university academics to undertake a research visit Taiwan, to get a better understanding of the degree programs available in Taiwanese universities and the kinds of research projects possible.